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New York City >

When New York City lights up during the winter months with twinkling trees, skating rinks, festive events and holiday cheer, the glitter of the Big Apple practically bursts at the seams. Come along as we introduce you to some of our favorite sights and delights that showcase this great city in the best season of the year.

Provence >

Stretching languidly from the Alps down to the azure Mediterranean, this region in southeastern France boasts mountains, thermal waters, the Riviera and fields of lavender. Home to potters, painters, merchants and movie stars, it’s the perfect fall travel destination.

Loire Valley >

The Loire Valley is a fairytale region of rolling countryside sprinkled with old-world hamlets, storybook chateaux, cathedrals, abbeys, gardens and vineyards. Just an hour from Paris by fast train, this stately area was once the playground of kings. Today, it’s a cultural must-see, offering an unmatched glimpse into European history.

Paris >

Paris has always ventured on the cutting edge of ideas, design, culture and cuisine. The sheer volume of its imaginative creations inspires our urban wanderlust. Join us as we head to the City of Light to explore its illustrious color and artistry in the passageways of fashion, jewelry, perfume and design.

Marseille >

Founded by ancient Greek mariners circa 600 B.C., Marseille was originally a trading port. Today, thousands of boats dock in this sunny Mediterranean city, which fuses vibrant cosmopolitan energy with a seafaring merchant heritage.

Morocco >

Awash in color, sound, fragrance and energy, Morocco is a feast for the senses. Rich landscapes of mountains, desert and coastline are threaded with mosques, souks, kasbahs and medinas woven with Berber, Arabic and European influence and intrigue. Travel along as we unearth the glimmering stones of this brilliant cultural mosaic.

Vanilla Islands >

A string of dazzling islands off the southeast coast of Africa has long enticed Europeans in search of paradise. The bounty of white-sand beaches, turquoise waters and lush tropics combined with an infusion of African, Arabic, Asian and European cultural heritage create the islands’ unique appeal. Pack your bags as we head into the peak of summer for some island R&R.

Zimbabwe >

The untamed, exotic landscape of Africa calls both romantics and adventurers. Flowing savannas, shifting sands, great rivers, rolling hills and captivating baobab trees provide the backdrop for an incredible concentration of wildlife. Join us as we explore Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls and the unparalleled thrills of safaris.

Cape Town >

White-sand beaches, blue skies and cobalt seas are just the beginning of Cape Town’s allure. Set against the majestic backdrop of Table Mountain, this geographic wonder at the foot of Africa is home to surfers, foodies and jet-setters, as well as penguins, baboons, diamonds, wineries and world-class beaches.

Ocean Road >

Famous for its lighthouses, shipwrecks, vineyards and rock formations, the Great Ocean Road (GOR) winds along 151 miles of Australia’s stunning southwestern coast. Join us as we explore this spectacular seaside stretch, which is also home to surfing legends, golfing kangaroos and whale nurseries.

Melbourne >

Sun-drenched beaches, lush rainforests, uninhabited islands, remote outback and the stunning Great Barrier Reef make up the sunshine state of Queensland. Come along as we unearth some of Brisbane’s hidden gems before venturing further afield to wander hinterland towns, walk with an Aborigine, relax on isolated sands and sail through turquoise seas.

Australia >

Sun-drenched beaches, lush rainforests, uninhabited islands, remote outback and the stunning Great Barrier Reef make up the sunshine state of Queensland. Come along as we unearth some of Brisbane’s hidden gems before venturing further afield to wander hinterland towns, walk with an Aborigine, relax on isolated sands and sail through turquoise seas.

Bavaria & Austria >

Kingdoms of powerful dynasties, monarchs and blue bloods, Austria and Bavaria have long reigned as European crown jewels. Travel with us through this imperial culture of music, art and waltz that flourishes within castles, cafés, opera houses and concert halls.

Switzerland >

Hedged like a pristine park among European superpowers, Switzerland boasts picturesque scenery, polite and poised citizenry, remarkably clean streets, and a seamless blend of old and new. Home to some of the most legendary ski resorts in the world, this peaceful wonderland is a great winter travel destination.

Argentina & Chile >

In the two elongated countries that inhabit southern South America, the cowboys of the pampas (grassland plains) meet world-class polo ponies, and the hiking trails of breathtaking Patagonia intersect the wine routes of the Andean foothills.

Peru >

A mystical aura permeates the extraordinary travel gem of Peru. Its many attractions include lush cloud forests, sacred valleys, high deserts and serene canyon lands, as well as ancient Inca ruins, mysterious geoglyphs and indigenous Andean cultures. Join us as we go in search of Peru’s sacred treasures.

Ecuador >

Nature and culture thrive in South America's northwest jewel of Ecuador. An astounding array of habitats beckons explorers to discover prehistoric creatures on pristine islands, horse riding under highland volcanoes and vivid rainforests teeming with tropical life.

Spain >

Spain resonates with a distinctive blend of relaxed warmth and proud grandeur. Travel with us from sun-soaked Sevilla in Southern Spain—where even the earth is fiery red and the sounds of flamenco issue from cool cellar doors—to Barcelona, a city known for its sophistication, mix of cultures, spectacular food—and of course, Gaudi’s fantastical architecture.

Greek Islands >

Greece boasts thousands of islands and islets scattered across the Aegean, Adriatic and Mediterranean seas but only about 150 are populated. From Santorini to Crete, we explore some of the more famous islands and offer tips for avoiding the crush of tourists who flock there each summer.

Istanbul >

The ancient city of Istanbul is where East meets West—on the Bosporus Strait that divides Europe from Asia and the Black Sea from the Mediterranean. It’s become a favorite destination in recent years and for good reason.

Italian Islands >

The islands of Italy are like countries unto themselves, each with its own distinct feel and rhythms. In this issue, we go island hopping from italian_islands to Sardinia and discover history, cultures and cuisines each their own.

Tropical Resorts >

After a long winter, escaping to a tropical resort sounds just right. Hawaii, Mexico and the Caribbean are popular, but we also explored further afield to discover exotic locales from Brazil to Zanzibar. Here are our picks – from Brazil to Vietnam, Costa Rica to Zanzibar — that offer the getaway of a lifetime.

New Orleans >

Though scars remain from Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans has experienced a remarkable rebirth in recent years. Tourism has rebounded and, while Mardi Gras is still the main draw, there’s so much to see and do all year round.

Gardens of Eden >

You don't need a green thumb to appreciate a beautiful garden. From Monet's private Giverny to lavish palace gardens, the world’s is filled with well-manicured landscapes that delight the senses and invite a sense of lingering.

Oh Canada >

Tropical getaways are great, but we’ll take our Christmases white, with a dash of skiing and a warm sweater. That’s why we headed for the Great White North to explore how Canadians have turned winter into the coolest season of the year.

Mountain Lodges >

One way to take the chill off winter’s arrival is warming yourself by a roaring fire in a rustic mountain lodge – or escaping to some southern clime where lodges offer an ideal entrée to exotic locales and tropical paradises. We uncovered some fantastic lodges in all corners of the globe that range from luxurious, remote, scenic or just plain cozy. So curl up by the fire and read on…

Cities We Love >

More than half the world’s population now lives in cities, but only a few cities have earned the moniker “great.” Some are “Eternal” (Rome), some inspire eternal love (Paris), while others seem to be eternally on the verge of slipping beneath the waves (Venice). This month we revisit some old favorites and discover even more new ones around the world..

Museums >

Museums come in all shapes and sizes, from the sprawling Hermitage in St. Petersburg to jewel boxes like New York’s Frick Collection. For the traveler, they all offer a window into a country’s culture and history, as well as a chance to experience some of the world’s great public spaces.

Hotels Worth the Trip >

This season, we went in search of hotels that provide a destination in and of themselves. Places that inspire us to dream, explore and relax while enjoying mountains, cities, coasts, lakes, gardens and fall foliage. We found many inspiring properties that fit the bill in more ways than one, be it their stellar amenities, intriguing heritage, a great location or all of the above.

American Getaways >

It’s summer—time to take a break and escape. Plenty of great destinations await in our beautiful homeland. We’ve crisscrossed the United States to find everything from road trips to resorts, with adventures on the golf course, on the farm, on the road and on the porch, overlooking the Atlantic. Read on to see what we found.

Railway Travel >

There’s an allure and nostalgia to rail travel that makes it one of our favorite ways to see the world. Step on the platform, board your train and relax as you watch scenery, people and culture go by en route to major destinations like Paris and Vienna or quiet, out-of-the-way stops in the hinterlands of Spain or Russia.

Culinary Travels >

Cuisine that’s native to a country or region can color the flavor of an entire trip and often serves as one of the most delightful memories of travel. With that in mind, we set off to explore the many varieties of global gastronomy, from half-day classes to multiple-day tours, hotel and chateaux kitchens, cooking cruises, bicycle excursions and more.

India >

Exotic and mystical India stirs intensity like no other country. A powerful array of scents, sights and sounds greets travelers the minute they set foot on Indian soil. Vivid colors, textures and flavors appear in architecture, sculpture, jewelry, clothing, literature, filmmaking and food. From arid deserts to lush, tropical lands, India bursts with incredible extremes.

China >

The People’s Republic of China (PRC) is a land of dynasties, emperors and revolutions. Its vast history and innumerable treasures, combined with its recent economic boom, have created even more reasons to visit. No trip to this remarkable country would be complete without a visit to the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square and Xi’an’s Terracotta Army, but layers of further allure fill its ancient and modern paths.

Cruise >

While land travel boasts a certain allure, there’s nothing quite like the appeal of the open seas. Cruises offer the traveler a floating home away from home while exploring the world. Check-in and unpack only once and enjoy the rest of your trip. Wake up relaxed and refreshed each morning to find the destination of your dreams outside your porthole.

The Wonders of Vietnam >

The bustling streets of Vietnam are filled with life and activity around every corner. Industrious people with a verve for outdoor social life combined with a vast range of scenery, in-depth history and fascinating sites make for a colorful blend of travel adventures. We’ve chosen our top destinations so you can fly away to a land of refreshing and insatiable spirit.

Explore the World on Holiday >

During the year-end holiday season, people around the world celebrate in a wide variety of ways. We’ve canvassed the globe and discovered colorful and festive traditions, stories and celebrations, from Japan to Nigeria to Greenland. Read these Inside Tracks and get inspired to plan a holiday journey marked with good tidings and cheer.

Discover Western Canada >

Western Canada boasts some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. Naturally endowed with rugged coastline, vast wilderness and Rocky Mountain peaks, not to mention clean air and lively culture, British Columbia and Alberta speak to our travel yearnings. Come with us to explore some of our favorite winter spots in and around Banff National Park, Vancouver and Victoria.

Bonjour Québec >

In winter, Québec City turns a different shade of splendor, robed in a sparkling mantle of snow. Its magical 400-year-old charm turns up a notch with twinkling lights and holiday tradition. Awash with history, culture and a relaxed, French-speaking populace, this former French fur-trading post revels in its robust, rustic roots, accompanied by sleigh-loads of European flair.

Discover England >

Steeped in royalty, tradition and culture, England is the crown jewel in the U.K. traveler’s itinerary. From castles to cottages and pubs to high tea, it has something for everyone, starting with the massive capital of London—a melting pot of the world.

Discover Scotland >

In a land of clans and castles, it seems like there’s an incredible piece of history, legend or ghostly intrigue around every corner. Travel enthusiasts will not be disappointed in Scotland, where hundreds of castles dot the countryside, along with ancient archaeological sites, literature haunts, battlefields, whiskey trails, tartan mills, pubs and—of course—golf courses.

Destination Ireland >

The magical green of Ireland literally glistens on its rain-drenched countryside and cliffs. Basking in ancient history, it is a place of mystical legends, castles, literature, music and spirituality. The well-known warmth of the Irish beckons us to pubs, B&Bs and fireside storytelling sessions, while winding roads, age-old towns, sheep and cows capture the allure of the Irish countryside.

Summer's Best Bets >

While many migrate to sand and sea for their summer vacation, others may have a different set of criteria for their mid-year getaway. Be it cultural, historic or adventure-laden, your summer should be packed with more than just our clothes. Pull out your globe and check out our 14 best summer vacation destinations. Each one inspires us in a different way, but all are worthy of a visit.

Island Hopping >

Summer’s laid-back mood always puts us in a vacation state of mind. Fantasies of sand, coconut palms and adventure led us to 10 of the globe’s most intriguing islands. Located in all parts of the world, each possesses its own set of marvels. So rig your sails, plot your course, pack your trunk and skim the turquoise seas.

World's Best Beaches >

Summer has arrived, and with it, the universal desire to hit the beach. No matter what you’re looking for, there’s a beach to suit your needs, from rugged stretches of coast to urban strips of sand, set in a well-known tropical paradise or a remote, almost-secret location. We’ve scanned the globe and selected 10 of the best combinations of sea and sand.

Spain >

Sitting on the southern edge of Europe gazing toward North Africa, Spain beckons the traveler with a distinctive blend of European flair and Moorish mystique. Its sunny landscape and sparkling seas complement a vibrant and colorful culture with a deep, rich history.

Azores >

Off the coast of Lisbon lies an archipelago of nine garden-like islands known as the Azores. Quiet, peaceful and filled with natural wonders, each island invites you to discover a different world, rich with diverse cultures, cuisine and customs. Join us for a quick tour of these magical lands.

Portugal >

“Eternally whimsical and singing with joy.” This line from a classic song heard in Lisbon’s fado clubs best describes Portugal. Travel with us to this dynamic country where past and present mingle to inspire your spirit of discovery.

Prague's Must See Sights >

It’s no secret that Prague is a great city to visit. But there are a few mysteries behind the capital’s best-known sights. Learn for yourself why the cultural, artistic and historical center of the Czech Republic has such a great reputation.

Fabulous Fall Getaways >

For traveler’s in the know, fall is a favorite time of year. The crowds have left, temperatures have mellowed, and fall festivals are underway. Read what our inside tipsters say about a few wonderful, American fall destinations.

The Wine Road Less Taken >

They call it Chardzilla. I inhale deeply and its zesty fruit tickles my nostrils. I sip and a crisp zing awakens my tongue.

San Francisco, CA >

Sure, there’s a goldmine of things to see and do in San Francisco, and while no visit would be complete without experiencing the celebrated sights, we highly recommend taking some time to go off the beaten path.

Pt. Reyes, CA >

Just about an hour’s drive from San Francisco and a world away, the Point Reyes peninsula offers a chance to experience the Bay Area’s natural beauty along with cutting-edge cuisine, a collection of fine shops, and a range of accommodations from rustic to refined.

Baja, Mexico >

Of course, there’s the Cabo of the clichés—the easy get-away, Spring break land, destination for sun and fun. But there’s another one.

Bali, Indonesia >

“The Painted Alphabet” by Diana Darling is a whimsical and well-written tale based on an epic Balinese poem. It’s charming, engaging, and a great intro to Balinese culture.

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico >

Twenty years ago, I moved from New Zealand to San Francisco. This meant that rather than hopping over to Australia or Fiji for quick tropical vacations, my new alternative was Mexico. And in Mexico they don’t speak much English. Nor do they speak schoolgirl French. I would have to learn Spanish.

Autumnal Leaves >

She flaunts herself like some outrageous showgirl, blatant and brassy. Mother Earth, about to enter the dignified slumber of winter, holds us in her thrall with the blazing crimsons and golds of a setting sun.

Patagonia, South America >

The first explorers in Patagonia saw a mythical land of giants. Modern adventurers will discover blue glacier fields, alpine lakes, and majestic mountain spires.

On Track in South Africa >

Last summer, TravelSmith customer Steve Johnson traveled with his family from San Francisco to South Africa where they rode the classic Rovos Rail, one of the world’s most luxurious trains. Their trip also included jaunts on small bush planes, game-spotting safaris, and stays at some of Africa’s most beautiful lodges.

Bruges, Belgium >

Wonderfully walkable and beautifully preserved, Bruges is a bit of medieval history set amongst meandering canals.

Pacific Northwest >

From Seattle to Vancouver, this rugged coast is the quintessential North American west, the end of Lewis & Clarke’s epic explorations, and home to some of the most spectacular natural wildlife, outdoor sport opportunities as well an emerging 4-star cultural scene.