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Road tester: Eileen Hansen, travel writer

During the week I spent in Baja (Cabo Pulmo and an overnight in Todos Santos), Contourwear was my constant companion. Not only was it easy to pack (I took the packing envelope as a personal challenge and am happy to report, it worked like a charm!), it was also incredibly easy to care for. I washed it, hung it to dry, and it was ready to wear within hours.

El Encanto

My favorite pieces were the Flow Tunic and the Anywhere Pants. The Tunic is incredibly soft with a gorgeous fluid drape. I ended up wearing it two days in a row and even after a long car ride and a sunny day full of touring on day one, it was fresh and presentable enough to wear on day two. The Anywhere Pants held up beautifully during my flight and the passport pocket (hidden in the leg) turned out to be practical and non-intrusive. I loved being able to stash my passport there and not have to dig through my backpack for it at customs.

I also brought along the Essencia Shirt, the Sleeveless Flow Dress, and the Anywhere Travel Vest (love the pockets and the collar – I flipped it up to keep my neck sun-safe).

Each piece gets high points from me. My biggest rave about this collection is its easy coordination and sophisticated style – it mixes and matches, the colors and cut are feminine without being fussy, and it works as
well for active days as it does for nights out.

Three cheers for travel wear that doesn’t look like a re-make of men’s travel clothing and here’s hoping Contourwear continues to add to their collection. If they do, I’ll be first in line to buy them!

Eileen Hansen- Eileen Hansen travels the world with her husband, photographer Jay Graham. Their travel articles have been published in the Los Angeles Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, and Coastal Living magazine.

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