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10 Steps
10 Steps to aperfectly packed bag

Start with a packing checklist.

For sample lists by destination or type of trip, go to lists. Keep this list with you. It will help speed packing for your return and act as a reminder of what you've packed in case anything is missing.

Neutral Base Colors

Build you wardrobe on two neutral colors – lighter tones for hot climates, darker for cool ones. Look for clothes that can be dressed up or down with a change of accessories.

Cool Coverage

Pack a lightweight scarf or blouse in your handbag or daypack to guard against evening chills, the cool interiors of museums, and cathedrals or religious buildings that may require covered shoulders.

Carry-On Size

Most Airlines require carry-on bags to be no more than 45” total (L+W+H). If you are checking luggage, pack an extra change of clothes in your carry-on, and keep valuables close to your person just in case the carry-on has to be checked.

Use Packing Aids

These handy tools—from packing cubes to compression bags to shirt folders—help organize and keep contents secure.

Pack your shoes or heavy items first.

Put them in the bottom of the bag and use the space inside shoes for rolled up socks, belts, or toiletries (safely packed in a zip-lock bag!).

Layered Packing

Layer when you pack to avoid hard creases and wrinkles. Drape pants or dresses across the bag (hems or legs will drape over the sides). Alternate as you pack, hems on one side, then reverse with the next pair.

Pack your blazer last.

Lay it button side down on the bag, collar at top, hem extending over the bag's edge. Fold sleeves in. Roll knit items (Tees, sweaters), lay them on top of blazer, and fold blazer hem over the rolled knits. This eliminates creases so your blazer arrives wrinkle-free.

Be Prepared

Statistics show that airlines lose luggage for one out of ten passengers. Be prepared; bring along a change of undergarments and our carry-on tote.

Bring Your Own Bag

Stowaway shopping bags and backpacks make it easier – and more stylish - to carry away treasures found at the market or a picnic lunch for your day trip. Not to mention that they can stand in as a carry-on bag in a pinch.

Safe & Secure

Travel safe and rest easy. Theft-proof bags and compact door alarms are smart travel choices.

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