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Toiletry Kit
How to Pack a Perfect Toiletry Kit

It may seem like a no-brainer, but a poorly packed toiletry kit can add unnecessary weight, potential for spills, and add frustration to the airport boarding process. There are a few things to bear in mind when packing a toiletry kit:

Choose your style:

There are lots of types of toiletry bags out there, from the classic dopp style one-compartment bag, to high-tech hanging bags with dozens of compartments, optimized to hold your every traveling need. I prefer the hanging variety, because they come in handy when there is a lack of counter space. Just hand it from a door knob or towel rack and there you go: instant medicine cabinet.

Deciding what to take:

Everyone is a little different, and you need to bear in mind the type of travel you will be going on. If you are staying at nice hotels, you are likely to encounter sample sized shampoos and soaps, saving you from having to carry a large stash. But if you are traveling budget style, or visiting developing countries, invest in some sample sized, leak proof bottles, ad decant your favorite potions therein.

Here is a list of basic toiletries to start from:

Hand soap
Moisturizer (especially key because of the dry air in airplane compartments)
Pre-Moistened towlettes
Travel sized package of tissues
Pocket mirror
Comb or small hairbrush
First aid kit
Quick drying travel towel


Eyeglass repair kit
Blister kit
Laundry kit
Water purification tablets
Manicure set
Hand sanitizer

Important reminder about medications:

Always pack prescription medications in the original case with your prescription information affixed. Carry an additional copy of your prescriptions in a separate bag, in case they go missing.

Understanding modern airport security:

In the United States and most of Europe, you will be required to severely limit the amount of liquids you carry on board. You are expected to carry all your on-board liquid toiletries in containers smaller than 3 oz. and all contained within one quart sized transparent plastic bag. This includes gels such as lip gloss, deodorant or chap sticks. There are also limitations on other objects that you may carry on, and indeed what you may check in. Always check the latest TSA guidelines before you leave for the airport.

It is important to note that airport guidelines and procedures can vary in other parts of the world, and even from US or European airport to airport, and even airline to airline.

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