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Packing Videos >

Get packing with these instructional videos hosted by TravelSmith travel specialist Kiran Gowda.

Pack to Flatter Your Figure >

Wherever you go, you’ll need several outfits that look great and work at various events.

Pack a Perfect Toiletry Kit >

It may seem like a no-brainer, but a poorly packed toiletry kit can add unnecessary weight, potential for spills, and add frustration to the airport boarding process.

Pick the Right Luggage >

We’ve compiled the most important factors to consider when selecting the perfect bag.

10 Steps to a Perfectly Packed Bag >

Learn how to travel wrinkle-free, every time. Based on our popular presentation at The New York Times Travel Show.

Pack Lighter >

How to Pack Lighter & Tighter – 5 Steps to a more packable & versatile travel wardrobe, while keeping it light.

Essential Packing Tips >

For sample lists by destination or type of trip, go to lists. Keep this list with you. It will help speed packing for your return and act as a reminder of what you've packed in case anything is missing.

Playing it Safe >

The changing world of travel brings with it new security challenges, such as the risk of personal information theft by unseen RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) readers.

Planning Your Trip >

Every journey begins with a dream—of new vistas, discoveries and experiences. Turning your dreams into reality is a journey in itself, from picking a destination to deciding what clothes you’ll wear each day.

Carryon & Check-In Guidelines >

Wondering what to bring?

Adapters & Converters >

In the USA our electrical current is rated at 110-125 volts. Many other countries throughout the world operate on 220-250v. You will need an electrical converter to use your 110v appliance in these 220v countries.

How to Travel in Comfort >

Tips to Make Coach Feel Like First Class.

9 Tips for Cruising >

Taking a cruise is a unique way to travel, in which you can go to many different places without ever changing rooms. With so many climates and events to experience, it can be a bit challenging to plan for a cruise.

TravelSmith Design Technology >

When everyday classic styles are infused with smart technology borrowed from sportswear and technical performance clothing, the result is a wardrobe uniquely suited to withstand the rigors of travel.

Travel Clothing Fabric Guide >

Ever wondered what sets TravelSmith clothing apart from regular clothing? In addition to travel-savvy modifications like security pockets and innovative styles, TravelSmith clothing utilizes advanced fabric technology.

New York City >

A city so dazzling it has earned multiple monikers (The City That Never Sleeps, Gotham, the Big Apple, City of Dreams), New York City captures the world’s imagination. Winter is the best season to see the Empire City at its most festive and sparkling. Read these tips to get into the big-city mindset.

Provence >

This charismatic region has enchanted scores of artists and caused many travelers to linger for months at a time. Even if you can’t spend a year in Provence, you can still revel in its unforgettable beauty and flavor. Read these tips for helpful hints on how to get the most out of your time in this idyllic corner of France.

Loire Valley >

Known as the “Garden of France,” the Loire Valley is a fertile, serene region of fragrant gardens, magnificent chateaux and storybook old-world villages, topped off with fine cuisine and exceptional wines. Check out the tips we’ve compiled here to find out how best to plan for and experience this bountiful region.

Paris >

Paris is a vast city full of history, art, architecture, food and fashion, with intrigue waiting around almost every corner. Read these tips to find great ways to see the sights and look like a local as you stroll the streets.

Marseille >

As the country’s second largest metropolis, Marseille bustles with activity and exudes historic appeal as an ancient seaport. It’s also the gateway to the Provence region in southeastern France, known for its French flair and charm. Read tips to find out how to see Marseille from its best angles—by foot, bike, train or vintage car.

Morocco >

Morocco’s exuberant energy never seems to wane, nor does our zest for this fascinating country. Here, we’ve compiled some tips to help you navigate the souks and medinas, bargain like a local, celebrate the festivals, eat all the specialties and get a good night’s sleep.

Vanilla Islands >

The Indian Ocean islands beckon travelers looking for the best of sun and sand with a melting pot of cultural flair. You won’t need much but beachwear to fit right into this version of paradise, but you should know a few things before you go.

Zimbabwe >

Given the scope, length and cost of a journey to Africa, it’s best to prepare as far in advance as possible so you get the experience you want. Read these tips to find out what to expect, how to plan, when to go and what to bring.

Cape Town >

As South Africa’s oldest city, Cape Town has plenty to discover and explore. Read these tips to find out how best to unearth the treasures of what locals also refer to as “The Mother City.”

Great Ocean Road >

There’s more to the Great Ocean Road (GOR) than just the drive. Good onya (good for you) if you do some advance planning. Read these tips to find out when to go, what to pack and where to find koalas, gas and a good microbrew..

Melbourne >

There’s so much to see and do in Melbourne, it’s best to plan in advance so you won’t miss a beat. Read the tips we’ve compiled here to find out what to wear, and where to get the best penguin seats and coffee treats.

Australia >

With its sunny, tropical climate and warm Australian spirit, Queensland beckons you to explore its natural wonders. To fully enjoy the bounty of this state, read our 10 Travel Tips and get versed in Aussie speak, water know-how, what to wear and more.

Bavaria & Austria >

Winter in Austria and Bavaria is known for Christmas markets, Alpine skiing, Viennese waltzing and formal balls held in magnificent venues steeped in legacy. To get in step with a culture defined by former kings and Hapsburgs, read these Travel Tips and prepare for a fabulous journey..

Switzerland >

Switzerland awaits your arrival with fantastic alpine scenery, superb gastronomy, modern museums and plenty of delightful winter traditions. We’ve prepared a list of handy tips with Swiss savoir-faire so you don’t miss a beat when visiting this stunning country.

Argentina & Chile >

Get the most from your trip to South America. Our Travel Tips will keep you on the right track when it comes to finding the best art, culture and cuisine that Argentina and Chile have to offer.

Peru >

Staying healthy, preparing for weather conditions, altitude adjustments, visiting sacred sites, and bringing home the goods–before you take your trip to Peru, read these travel tips.

Spain - Barcelona, Seville, Mallorca >

When to visit. How to get there. What to wear. Before you take your trip to Spain, read these travel tips.

Greek Islands >

When to visit. How to get there. What to wear. Before you go, read these travel tips for the Greek Islands first.

Istanbul >

How to get the evil eye—and avoid ugly stares as you explore the city once known as Constantinople. From bargaining for Turkish rugs to saving on museum admissions, we’ve got you covered.

Italian Islands >

Life’s different on the islands. Getting around, cuisine and even signs can be different than the mainland—and, at least in the South, you’ll find fewer English speakers. Here are some travel tips to help you acclimatize.

Tropical Resorts >

After a long winter, escaping to a tropical resort sounds just right. Hawaii, Mexico and the Caribbean are popular, but we also explored further afield to discover exotic locales from Brazil to Zanzibar. Here are our picks – from Brazil to Vietnam, Costa Rica to Zanzibar – that offer the getaway of a lifetime.

New Orleans >

What to eat. When to go. What to wear. Consult our Travel Tips for inside advice on how to get the most from your trip to New Orleans.

Gardens of Eden >

Whether you’re an avid gardener or just like to stop and smell the roses, here are resources to help you find some outstanding gardens near your next destination.

Canada >

Canadians have found a way to not only survive but thrive in -40° weather. Here are some tips and tricks for making the most of your winter trip to the Great White North.

Mountain Lodges >

Renting skis, boots, poles or snowboards at your destination is the simplest option if you’re flying to a ski vacation. If you bring your own gear, be sure to check airline policies for equipment baggage allowances and packing instructions.

Cities We Love >

Great cities can be like quaint villages one moment, sprawling chaos the next. The trip from the airport to your hotel can take nearly as long as your flight. And anyone can get lost in the warren of cobblestone streets that radiate in every direction at the historic center of Europe’s great cities.

Museums >

Tips for skipping the lines. How to get free admission. Make the most of your museum visit by reading up on our museum Travel Tips before you go.

American Getaways >

It’s summer—time to take a break and escape. Plenty of great destinations await in our beautiful homeland. We’ve crisscrossed the United States to find everything from road trips to resorts, with adventures on the golf course, on the farm, on the road and on the porch, overlooking the Atlantic. Read on to see what we found.

Railway Travel >

There’s an allure and nostalgia to rail travel that makes it one of our favorite ways to see the world. Step on the platform, board your train and relax as you watch scenery, people and culture go by en route to major destinations like Paris and Vienna or quiet, out-of-the-way stops in the hinterlands of Spain or Russia.

Culinary Travels >

Cuisine that’s native to a country or region can color the flavor of an entire trip and often serves as one of the most delightful memories of travel. With that in mind, we set off to explore the many varieties of global gastronomy, from half-day classes to multiple-day tours, hotel and chateaux kitchens, cooking cruises, bicycle excursions and more.

India >

Exotic and mystical India stirs intensity like no other country. A powerful array of scents, sights and sounds greets travelers the minute they set foot on Indian soil. Vivid colors, textures and flavors appear in architecture, sculpture, jewelry, clothing, literature, filmmaking and food. From arid deserts to lush, tropical lands, India bursts with incredible extremes.

China >

The People’s Republic of China (PRC) is a land of dynasties, emperors and revolutions. Its vast history and innumerable treasures, combined with its recent economic boom, have created even more reasons to visit.

Cruise >

While land travel boasts a certain allure, there’s nothing quite like the appeal of the open seas. Cruises offer the traveler a floating home away from home while exploring the world. Check-in and unpack only once and enjoy the rest of your trip.

The Wonders of Vietnam >

The bustling streets of Vietnam are filled with life and activity around every corner. Industrious people with a verve for outdoor social life combined with a vast range of scenery, in-depth history and fascinating sites make for a colorful blend of travel adventures.

Travel Tips on Holiday >

However you travel during the holidays, you’ll probably have lots of company. To navigate the most stress-free way to your destination, it’s best to be prepared in advance. We’ve collected some tips here to get you make your holiday journey easier.

Discover Western Canada >

Western Canada boasts some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. Naturally endowed with rugged coastline, vast wilderness and Rocky Mountain peaks, not to mention clean air and lively culture, British Columbia and Alberta speak to our travel yearnings.

Bonjour Québec >

In winter, Québec City turns a different shade of splendor, robed in a sparkling mantle of snow. Its magical 400-year-old charm turns up a notch with twinkling lights and holiday tradition. Awash with history, culture and a relaxed, French-speaking populace, this former French fur-trading post revels in its robust, rustic roots, accompanied by sleigh-loads of European flair.

Discover England >

Steeped in royalty, tradition and culture, England is the crown jewel in the U.K. traveler’s itinerary. From castles to cottages and pubs to high tea, it has something for everyone, starting with the massive capital of London—a melting pot of the world. We’ve chosen 12 destinations throughout the country, but they’re only the beginning of an unforgettable British adventure.

Discover Scotland >

In a land of clans and castles, it seems like there’s an incredible piece of history, legend or ghostly intrigue around every corner. Travel enthusiasts will not be disappointed in Scotland, where hundreds of castles dot the countryside, along with ancient archaeological sites, literature haunts, battlefields, whiskey trails, tartan mills, pubs and—of course—golf courses.

Destination Ireland >

The magical green of Ireland literally glistens on its rain-drenched countryside and cliffs. Basking in ancient history, it is a place of mystical legends, castles, literature, music and spirituality. The well-known warmth of the Irish beckons us to pubs, B&Bs and fireside storytelling sessions, while winding roads, age-old towns, sheep and cows capture the allure of the Irish countryside.

Summer's Best Bets >

While many migrate to sand and sea for their summer vacation, others may have a different set of criteria for their mid-year getaway. Be it cultural, historic or adventure-laden, your summer should be packed with more than just our clothes. Pull out your globe and check out our 14 best summer vacation destinations. Each one inspires us in a different way, but all are worthy of a visit.

Island Hopping >

Summer’s laid-back mood always puts us in a vacation state of mind. Fantasies of sand, coconut palms and adventure led us to 10 of the globe’s most intriguing islands. Located in all parts of the world, each possesses its own set of marvels.

California's Wine Country >

Take some time on your tour of wine country to enjoy some of our favorite finds.