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About Us

TravelSmith. Inspiring people to go places they've never been.

We started TravelSmith in 1992 with one compelling mission: to make travel as hassle-free and pleasurable as possible. Drawing on our resources and inspirations from around the globe, we set out to provide goods that make the journey smoother and simpler, lighter and more convenient.

We found wrinkle-resistant fabrics - both natural and high-performance - that look great after being stuffed in a suitcase for a week or worn on the redeye overnight. We created stylish, versatile, easy-care clothing and developed lightweight, innovative accessories that make travel more secure and comfortable. And we hired like-minded travelers with a passion for sharing their knowledge and experience.

So whether you're planning a leisurely getaway or an all-out adventure, TravelSmith is your single outfitting resource. Naturally, we stand confidently behind everything we make and guarantee everything we sell. Travel is unpredictable, so you should be able to count on your gear.

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