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pre-launch_archive-2013: Summer 2 2013 

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LEKI Sierra Anti...
$89.00 $43.99

Walk Softly & Carry a LEKI® Trekking Pole Stride confidently and keep your footing on any surface from mountain trails to city sidewalks. This adjustable trekking pole offers a comfortable grip and a durable rubber tip designed for use on pavement that conceals a carbide flextip for use on ice...

Universal Adapter...

Charge Electrics & USB Devices in More than 150 Countries When you travel with a smartphone, laptop and MP3 player, bring this multifunction adapter to charge them all at the same time—almost anywhere you go. Lightweight and compact, it's equipped with one plug socket and two USB ports, and...

Blister Medic

Foot-Care Kit Maximizes Comfort & Minimizes Blisters Packed with everything you need for foot and blister care on the go—without requiring soap, water or scissors. Made in USA. Includes 22 moleskin pieces, 2 GlacierGel™ blister dressings, 6 antiseptic towelettes and 6 alcohol wipes....

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