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CoolMax Travel...

TRAVEL + LEISURE Editor's Pick "This super-soft blanket stows into its own little pouch, barely taking up any room in your luggage." Our Top-Selling Coolmax® Travel Blanket® It's no wonder that this handy blanket is a favorite among TravelSmith devotees. It easily stows into its own compact...

Acorn Via Cap-Toe...
$65.00 $44.99

As sleek as shoes and as comfy as slippers, these indoor/outdoor ballet flats offer slip-on style for the plane, pool and hotel hallways. The colorblock suede uppers have stretchy elastic collars for a secure fit. Inside, you'll find a quilted microsuede lining that's padded with signature Acorn&...

Obedo Neck & Back...

The World's First Fully Adjustable Neck & Back Cradle Make any seat more comfortable with the adaptable support of this lightweight, flexible cradle. Made of durable foam, it's contoured in an hourglass shape that adjusts to provide soft to firm support for your neck, lower back or shoulders. Just...

40 Blinks Eye Mask

Rated No. 1 by Good Housekeeping! Top-Rated Travel Eye Mask Rated No. 1 by Good Housekeeping, this eye mask is made of featherweight, light-blocking, molded foam. Its contoured shape eliminates eye pressure (which encourages deeper REM sleep) and won't muss your mascara. Polyester; PU foam fill....

Heys Fernando Volken...

Travel the globe in comfort and style with this fashionable pillow from Heys that features a lively print by Fernando Volken Togni. The versatile 2-in-1 design adjusts to your sleep style, transforming from a neck pillow to a body pillow in seconds. Filled with micro-beads for cushioned padding that...

Heys Fernando Volken...

Arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and rested with this eye mask and earplug set from Heys. Featuring the art of Fernando Volken Togni, the eye mask is made of light-blocking plush spandex that's padded for cushioned comfort. The earplugs effectively reduce noise so you can get a little...

Heys Eye Mask &...

Fun and fashionable, this eye mask and earplug set blocks unwanted light and noise for a deep, restful sleep, so you arrive at your final destination looking fabulous, dahling. The eye mask is made of light-blocking plush spandex fabric that's padded for cushioned comfort, and the earplugs...

Heys 2-in-1 Travel...

Perfect for globetrotting, this fashionable travel pillow from Heys ensures you reach your final destination feeling well rested. Its versatile 2-in-1 design adjusts to your sleep style, transforming from a neck pillow to a body pillow in seconds. Filled with micro-beads for cushioned padding that...

Sockwell Plantar...
$22.00 $20.00

Don't let plantar fasciitis (jogger's heel) shorten your day of sightseeing. These fashion-friendly socks address this common foot problem and reduce overall inflammation while putting the bounce back in your stride. Padding under the ball of the foot distributes weight away from the heel, and three...

Goodhew Cabin Fair...
$18.00 $13.99

Known for their exceptional performance, construction and really cute patterns, these luxurious socks feel like cashmere but wear like iron while you're on the road. Made from a proprietary blend of soft, breathable Cashmerino™ wool, rayon from odor-controlling bamboo, nylon for stretch and...

Sockwell Floral...
$25.00 $22.00

With more fashion-friendly options available than ever before, these compression socks are your go-to choice whether you're traveling or not. They greatly reduce leg fatigue and put a bounce in your step at the end of a long day of sitting, standing or walking. Three invisible zones of gradient...

Goodhew Haberdashery...
$19.00 $14.99

Give your feet the good life with these custom-crafted socks from our friends at Goodhew®. Made from a high-performance blend of soft, breathable merino wool, rayon from odor-controlling bamboo, nylon for stretch and recovery, and a dash of spandex, these socks stay in place all day and retain...

Sockwell Concentric...
$25.00 $20.00

Compression socks help your veins push blood upward toward your heart, making those long overseas flights more comfortable and for some (at any age)—safer. These compression socks from Sockwell® have three invisible zones of gradient compression from 15-20 mmHg that increase circulation...

Sockwell Synergy...
$22.00 $18.00

Proof that style and well-being work well together. These colorfully patterned crew socks from Sockwell® keep your feet and legs comfortable all day, maximizing circulation during long periods of sitting, and minimizing leg exhaustion while walking or standing. Made from a blend of merino wool...

$27.00 $15.00

Make it personal. Add an embroidered initial for only $6. Better Than Ever, Our Cozy Microfleece Blanket Makes Every Seat First Class We've redesigned our travel blanket from top to bottom, using softer, more lightweight microfleece. A roomy pocket at one end is designed to cradle feet of all sizes,...

Euros Diabetic...
$34.00 $27.00

Doctor-Designed, Made in Italy Made in Italy, these exceptional socks were engineered by leading vascular and podiatric physicians to provide maximum comfort and protection for diabetics. They use a patented, constriction-free, gradual compression technology that stimulates blood flow to reduce foot...

Blow-Up Foot Rest

Improve your posture, whether you're flying or working in your office. Minimizes back strain and improves circulation, which reduces foot swelling. Velvety exterior; skid-resistant bottom. For best results while flying, inflate after plane reaches cruising altitude. Imported Blow-Up Foot Rest 16&...

Relief Band Voyager

ReliefBand® Puts an End to Motion Sickness You'll enjoy more of your flight, cruise or drive with the FDA-approved, clinically proven ReliefBand®—the drug-free way to combat motion sickness without drowsiness or side effects. Its patented nerve-stimulation therapy provides user...

Fold-Up Footrest

If your feet don't touch the floor of the plane (or your office), the 4" lift from this folding footrest will put your body back in alignment. Eases lower back strain and increases comfort. ABS plastic with metal brackets. Made in Canada. Fold-Up Footrest 4"W x 8½"L; folds to ¾"D. 12 oz.

Cocoon Ultra-Light...

Pairing the comfort of a foam pillow with the packability of an air pillow, this ingenious hybrid inflates with just a few breaths. It's made with a layer of poly fill for support, yet weighs a mere 4 oz. One side is covered in cozy, insulating microfiber while the other features cooling nylon—...

Men's Sockwell...
$22.00 $18.00

Men's Compression Socks—Great Comfort, Versatile Length Wear compression socks in a classic crew length to make the road more comfortable. Knit of soft Cashmerino® in a subtle pattern, they offer temperature regulation, moisture wicking, odor control and a hint of stretch. Their graduated,...


The ergonomic design of the TravelRest pillow provides true lateral support for a deeper, more satisfying rest in the air. Supports the head, neck and upper body minimizing neck aches and pains - and keeps you from slumping into your fellow passengers in the next seat. Also works great for long car...

Women's Sockwell...
$22.00 $18.00

Women's Compression Socks Offer First-Class Comfort in a Versatile Crew Length Enjoy maximum comfort—even in coach—with these stylish crew-length socks. Made of soft Cashmerino®, they offer temperature regulation, moisture wicking, odor control and a hint of stretch. Their graduated,...

Women's Solid...
$14.00 $11.00

Cramped cabin conditions and long flights can result in swollen feet and legs. These knee-high stockings stimulate circulation through gradual compression to help stop swelling and guard against deep-vein thrombosis (DVT). Developed with the guidance of doctors to increase energy and stamina, and...

Dot Compression...
$30.00 $24.00

Reduce swelling and arrive at your destination feeling energized. Developed with the guidance of doctors, these ribbed dress socks feature graduated 10-15 mmHg compression that helps stimulate circulation and guard against deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Constructed with a balloon toe and reinforced...

Men's Sockwell...
$20.00 $16.00

Smart Socks Make Travel Better Soft, temperature-regulating, odor-controlling and moisture-managing, these comfortable socks combine smart construction with modern design. Three zones of 15-20 mmHG graduated compression through the foot and ankle maximize circulation while minimizing fatigue....

Women's Sockwell...
$20.00 $16.00

The Starting Line for Happy Feet Soft, temperature-regulating, odor-controlling and moisture-managing, these comfortable socks combine innovative construction with modern design. Three zones of 15-20 mmHG graduated compression through the foot and ankle maximize circulation while minimizing fatigue....

Women's Nufoot Mary...

Nufoot™ slippers feel like socks but protect like shoes. The four-way stretch neoprene fits and flexes like a second skin, reduces odors and resists bacteria. Ideal for security checkpoints, plane flights, pool days and yoga classes. Each pair folds up to pocket size and slips into the...

Self-Inflating Seat...

Self-Inflating Cushion Adds Just-Right Padding Designed with a U-shaped cutout to relieve pressure on the spine, our self-inflating cushion has an angled shape that also takes pressure off the thighs. Turn the valve to automatically inflate or adjust firmness. Stores in the included zip pouch....

Zensah Fresh Legs...
$30.00 $24.00

Crafted in Italy of a proprietary, moisture-wicking fabric, these statement-making socks have arch-supports knitted right in. Plus, they're thermo-regulating to keep you comfortable in any climate. Knee-high. Graduated compression (15-20 mmHG). Nylon/spandex. Machine wash. Made in Italy. Zensah®...


Block out engine noise and loud passengers, relax with the in-flight entertainment or be transported by your own music and movies. Lightweight and portable, these active noise-cancelling, over-ear headphones provide up to 85% noise reduction without feedback and deliver exceptional sound quality....

Super Snoozer Memory...

The unique flat-back design of our triple-cushioned pillow holds your head in place for superior support and reduced neck strain. Padded at multiple points with memory foam and covered with fleece for softness. Packs into a small space and is easy to inflate. Imported. Super Snoozer Memory Foam...


Huff & Puff-Free: Self-Inflating Lumbar Cushion Defeat the discomfort of airline seating with this convenient pillow. With a bowtie shape that comfortably supports your lower back or neck, it inflates and deflates with a simple twist of its valve. Packs down small to stow easily in your carry-on....

Eagle Creek Compact...

Sleep like a baby with this lightweight blanket made exclusively for travelers by our friends at Eagle Creek®. Large enough to wrap around your shoulders, it's quilted and lightly insulated, yet compact enough to fit into the included carry-friendly stuff sack. Polyester with polyester fill....


Compact Wonder Kills Airborne Germs & Odors Creating a three-foot sphere of healthy air around you, this small but mighty purifier wards off both germs and odors. When activated, it emits a steady stream of negative ions to keep viruses, bacteria, pollen and dust out of your breathing space. Two...

LED Wallet Light...

See Clearly All Over the World This compact magnifying glass with one-touch LED light fits easily in a purse or wallet for reading assistance wherever you need it. Super-bright but focused and discreet, the light illuminates text in dim conditions while the 2x magnifier and 6x bifocal inset help...

Zensah Compression...
$30.00 $24.00

Compression Sleeves Keep Arms Warm & Cool Travel in comfort on long flights with these soft, seamless sleeves. Their gentle, gradient compression increases circulation and supports muscles, while silver ions in the fabric wick away perspiration to keep arms cool. Lightweight, ultra-breathable and...

Set of 2 PSI Bands

Say Goodbye to Seasickness Anyone who's ever experienced motion sickness will surely appreciate the benefits of these smart and wonderfully discreet wrist bands. Based on the principles of acupressure, they fend off nausea with gentle pressure on your wrist. Set of two; one should be worn on each...

Zensah Fresh Legs...
$39.00 $31.00

Reduce leg discomfort from long hours on the plane or on your feet with recovery leg sleeves from Zensah®. These seamless sleeves offer gentle, gradient compression to increase circulation. Specially designed fabric has silver ions to help regulate temperature and fight bacteria. Each sleeve...

Travelon 3-Speed Fan

Bring Along Your Own Cooling System Our three-speed fan keeps you cool when the temperature soars-or when hot flashes strike. Lightweight and versatile, you can set it on a table or wear it around your neck with the included 33" lanyard. Made of plastic, it weighs a mere 4 oz., and folds or lays...

Charmin Toilet Seat...

When You Travel, Make Sure You're Covered In many countries, toilet seat covers are rare—so be safe and bring along your own. In a handy, reclosable plastic case that fits in your daypack or purse, these paper covers are flushable, biodegradable and safe for septic systems. Made in USA....

Fresh Bath Wipes

Freshen Up En Route A long flight or full day of exploring can make you feel like you need a shower, but these thick, extra-large wipes will refresh you in seconds with no soap or water. Free of alcohol and lanolin, they're specially formulated to kill germs and clean gently but thoroughly with odor...

Pocket Travel Medic

Compact First Aid Kit Fits in Your Pocket, Carry-On Bag or Glove Compartment A one-stop source for basic first aid, this durable, travel-sized pouch contains supplies to treat blisters, stomach maladies, pain, inflammation, fever, allergies and minor injuries. Weighing in at only 2 oz., it includes...

Jet Set Kit

Feel first-class and fabulous when you have these handy single-use wipes stashed in your pocket, carry-on, purse or backpack. The No Sweat Wipes™ contain antiperspirant for powerful wetness and odor protection. Speak Easy Wipes™ refresh your breath when you don't have a toothbrush handy....

SteriPEN Traveler

Purify Drinking Water Anywhere with Award-Winning SteriPEN® Proven effective in destroying more than 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and microorganisms that cause waterborne illnesses, this purifier uses a germicidal ultraviolet light to kill microbes, purifying 16 oz. of water in just 48 seconds....

No Jet-Lag Tablets

Relieve Jet-Lag Symptoms Naturally Travel's no fun when you're out of sync with local time. That's why many frequent flyers swear by No Jet-Lag, a homeopathic remedy that fights the sleep disorders and disoriented feeling you can experience when you cross time zones. Developed by researchers in New...

Flight Spray

The First Nasal Hydration Spray Created Especially for Air Travel Fight germs and breathe easy during long flights. This all-natural, alcohol-free spray enhances your immune system and protects you against germs transmitted in flight. It also moistens your nasal passages to combat dry, recycled...

Charmin Freshmates...

Be Prepared on the Go When you're traveling, you never know what kind of bathroom you'll encounter. Be prepared with these flushable, biodegradable wipes. Contained in a resealable travel pack, they're also septic-safe and alcohol-free. Keep one pack in your purse, one in your daypack and one in...

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