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In-Flight Comfort: Headphones & Earplugs 

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Fleece Headband Has Flat Speakers for Comfortable, Soothing Sound Slip on these SleepPhones™ and fall asleep to music, neutralize airplane noise or relax with the in-flight entertainment. The patented design has pockets that allow you to easily adjust the removable flat speakers so they're...

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Block out engine noise and loud passengers, relax with the in-flight entertainment or be transported by your own music and movies. Lightweight and portable, these active noise-cancelling, over-ear headphones provide up to 85% noise reduction without feedback and deliver exceptional sound quality....

Custom-Fit Earplugs

The earplugs in this compact kit easily handle every noisy situation, from snoring seatmates to crying babies. Designed to provide a custom fit, the soft, comfortable silicon earbuds come with four sizes of inserts; the smallest size is inserted in the earplugs when they arrive. Washable and...


No More Ear Pain on Airplanes Takeoffs and landings can be uncomfortable if your ears are sensitive or congested because of a cold or allergies. If you don't like chewing gum, try EarPlanes. Tested by U.S. Navy pilots, they're made of soft, comfortable, hypoallergenic silicone. Their exclusive...

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