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Relief Band Voyager

ReliefBand® Puts an End to Motion Sickness You'll enjoy more of your flight, cruise or drive with the FDA-approved, clinically proven ReliefBand®—the drug-free way to combat motion sickness without drowsiness or side effects. Its patented nerve-stimulation therapy provides user...

Fold-Up Footrest

If your feet don't touch the floor of the plane (or your office), the 4" lift from this folding footrest will put your body back in alignment. Eases lower back strain and increases comfort. ABS plastic with metal brackets. Made in Canada. Fold-Up Footrest 4"W x 8½"L; folds to ¾"D. 12 oz.

Women's Nufoot Mary...

Nufoot™ slippers feel like socks but protect like shoes. The four-way stretch neoprene fits and flexes like a second skin, reduces odors and resists bacteria. Ideal for security checkpoints, plane flights, pool days and yoga classes. Each pair folds up to pocket size and slips into the...

Set of 2 PSI Bands

Say Goodbye to Seasickness Anyone who's ever experienced motion sickness will surely appreciate the benefits of these smart and wonderfully discreet wrist bands. Based on the principles of acupressure, they fend off nausea with gentle pressure on your wrist. Set of two; one should be worn on each...


Compact Wonder Kills Airborne Germs & Odors Creating a three-foot sphere of healthy air around you, this small but mighty purifier wards off both germs and odors. When activated, it emits a steady stream of negative ions to keep viruses, bacteria, pollen and dust out of your breathing space. Two...

Zensah Compression...
$30.00 $24.00

Compression Sleeves Keep Arms Warm & Cool Travel in comfort on long flights with these soft, seamless sleeves. Their gentle, gradient compression increases circulation and supports muscles, while silver ions in the fabric wick away perspiration to keep arms cool. Lightweight, ultra-breathable and...

No Jet-Lag Tablets

Relieve Jet-Lag Symptoms Naturally Travel's no fun when you're out of sync with local time. That's why many frequent flyers swear by No Jet-Lag, a homeopathic remedy that fights the sleep disorders and disoriented feeling you can experience when you cross time zones. Developed by researchers in New...

SteriPEN Traveler

Purify Drinking Water Anywhere with Award-Winning SteriPEN® Proven effective in destroying more than 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and microorganisms that cause waterborne illnesses, this purifier uses a germicidal ultraviolet light to kill microbes, purifying 16 oz. of water in just 48 seconds....

Flight Spray

The First Nasal Hydration Spray Created Especially for Air Travel Fight germs and breathe easy during long flights. This all-natural, alcohol-free spray enhances your immune system and protects you against germs transmitted in flight. It also moistens your nasal passages to combat dry, recycled...

Blister Medic

Foot-Care Kit Maximizes Comfort & Minimizes Blisters Packed with everything you need for foot and blister care on the go—without requiring soap, water or scissors. Made in USA. Includes 22 moleskin pieces, 2 GlacierGel™ blister dressings, 6 antiseptic towelettes and 6 alcohol wipes....

Jet Set Kit

Feel first-class and fabulous when you have these handy single-use wipes stashed in your pocket, carry-on, purse or backpack. The No Sweat Wipes™ contain antiperspirant for powerful wetness and odor protection. Speak Easy Wipes™ refresh your breath when you don't have a toothbrush handy....

Freaky Klean Kit

These individually packaged, ready-to-travel, pre-moistened wipes keep you (and your surroundings) clean, effectively killing 99.9% of the most common germs in 15 seconds. Klean Offz™ instantly clean nonporous hard surfaces; use them on TV remotes, phones, doorknobs, airplane trays and more....

Pocket Travel Medic

Compact First Aid Kit Fits in Your Pocket, Carry-On Bag or Glove Compartment A one-stop source for basic first aid, this durable, travel-sized pouch contains supplies to treat blisters, stomach maladies, pain, inflammation, fever, allergies and minor injuries. Weighing in at only 2 oz., it includes...

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