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All-in-One Converter

Our innovative converter lets you use your North American appliances such as curling irons and hairdryers overseas, automatically converting from 220V to 110V, it includes the four most common plugs used in over 150 countries. iPods®, iPads® and iPhones® do not require a converter&...

Packable Pro Travel...

Pack Your Own Makeup Pro Offering distortion-free 10X magnification in a 6"-diam. viewing area, this slim, scratch-resistant, LED-lit mirror allows you to see your entire face close-up, without wearing glasses. Lid doubles as a stand for hands-free use. Folds flat for packing. LED bulbs never need...

TravelSmith RFID...

This slim passport wallet—made exclusively for TravelSmith—has an RFID-safe lining that protects the personal data encoded on your credit cards. Expertly crafted of Italian leather with a supple matte finish, it doubles as a clutch with a secure wraparound zip. Divided interior has one zip...

2-Pack of Laundry...

The Easiest Way to Clean Your Clothes on the Road Instead of buying detergent on your trip or packing a bottle that might leak, try these ingenious laundry soap sheets. About the same size as a postage stamp, they mix easily with water so you can hand wash clothes in a sink (2–3 sheets) or...

Women's Solid...
$14.00 $11.00

Cramped cabin conditions and long flights can result in swollen feet and legs. These knee-high stockings stimulate circulation through gradual compression to help stop swelling and guard against deep-vein thrombosis (DVT). Developed with the guidance of doctors to increase energy and stamina, and...

Walter+Ray BendyMan...

The perfect travel companion, BendyMan adjusts to a variety of positions without complaint. At less than 1/4" thick, this powerful little guy can be used to hold e-readers, small tablets or a smartphone, while his LED eyes serve as a flashlight or book light. Walter+Ray BendyMan Flashlight + Table...

Set of 2 PSI Bands

Say Goodbye to Seasickness Anyone who's ever experienced motion sickness will surely appreciate the benefits of these smart and wonderfully discreet wrist bands. Based on the principles of acupressure, they fend off nausea with gentle pressure on your wrist. Set of two; one should be worn on each...

No Jet-Lag Tablets

Relieve Jet-Lag Symptoms Naturally Travel's no fun when you're out of sync with local time. That's why many frequent flyers swear by No Jet-Lag, a homeopathic remedy that fights the sleep disorders and disoriented feeling you can experience when you cross time zones. Developed by researchers in New...

VIOlife Slim Sonic

Vibrating Toothbrush Caresses as It Cleans This electric toothbrush uses high-speed vibrations to dislodge plaque. Snap-on, vented cap. Includes extra brush head. One AAA battery (included). Plastic/metal. Imported. VIOLife™ Slim Sonic 6½"L. 2 oz. * VIOLife™ Slim Sonic* Sonic...

Goal Zero Venture 30

Charge mobile phones, cameras and tablets on the tarmac or on the trail. With two high-speed ports capable of dishing out the fastest charge possible at the same time, you can power up two of your devices, or share with a friend. An integrated flood charge optimizes your charging time, while a 65...

UCO Pika 3-in-1...

Now here's a bright idea—a lantern that converts to a flashlight that can also be used to charge your digital devices through a USB port. When the long-lasting rechargeable battery needs a boost, just plug it into an electrical outlet. UCO Pika 3-in-1 Rechargeable Lantern Lantern Mode: 6 1/2"L...

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