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Samantha Brown’s Tips for Traveling Safe

Aug 21st, 2014 Travel Tips

Chances are, you’ve seen travel expert Samantha Brown on television—her adventures have taken her to some 220 cities in 49 countries, much of it documented in her work for the Travel Channel. We recently sat down with Samantha to find out some of her tips and tricks on traveling safe, her favorite things about London,… Read More

Destination: London

Aug 20th, 2014 Destinations

Join us in London as we connect by Tube and train to discover fine art and street art, the birthplace of Big Ben and Tudor kitchens created by Henry VIII. Enjoy everything from courtroom drama, underground caves and Michelin-starred restaurants to village walks, river cruises, castle tours and—of course—traditional pubs. West End – A Tudor… Read More

Samantha Brown’s Tips for Traveling Light

Aug 14th, 2014 Travel Tips

Everyone wants to travel light, but how do you cram a week’s worth of clothing, gear, toiletries, and all your other must-have travel essentials into one TSA-approved carry-on? We consulted travel expert Samantha Brown to share with us how she prepares for her international adventures, while keeping luggage to a minimum. Beauty Products & Toiletries… Read More

Meet Samantha Brown

Jul 23rd, 2014 Travel Tips

It’s a match made right at the airport. TravelSmith is excited to team up with travel expert and television personality Samantha Brown. Through adventures that have taken her to 220 cities and 49 countries, Samantha has become one of the most respected voices in travel. We sat down with Samantha to ask her a few… Read More

Destination: Scotland

Jul 23rd, 2014 Destinations

As the summer sun fades, we head to Scotland to see expanses of greenery transform into burnished coppers and flaming reds. Join us for a fall foray in and around Glasgow and St Andrews as we walk among artists, golfers and ghosts, visiting manor houses, castles, gardens, woodland theaters and the spectacular countryside. St Andrews… Read More

Destination: Azores

Jun 4th, 2014 Destinations

Portugal doesn’t end on Europe’s mainland. An archipelago made up of nine volcanic islands in the warm waters off Portugal’s Atlantic coast, the Azores are only two hours from Lisbon and four hours from the East Coast of the United States. Far less commercial and traveled than other European destinations, these islands are full of… Read More