Lighten Your Load

Jan 9th, 2013 Packing Tips, Travel Tips, Trip Planning

How to Pack Lighter & Tighter – 5 Steps to a more packable & versatile travel wardrobe, while keeping it light.

The key to packing light and tight is to think about versatility above all else: Can you wear that sundress sightseeing, and to the beach? Can you dress down those slacks with a tee, and bring them to a business meeting paired with a blazer?

Here’s a few easy steps to get you started packing smarter:


Start with a basic color like navy, black, or khaki, and accessorize from there. These are great colors because they go with pretty much everything, dress up or down, and don’t show dirt easily. For a hot-weather destination, you might want to opt for light colors for better sun resistance.

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Think in layers: pack camis, tees and long-sleeved items that can be worn together in different combinations for different looks. Use lightweight accessories to keep the look fresh – try a silk chiffon scarf, or some fun jewelry pieces (something you might even want to pick up while you’re there!).


Go reversible: by packing reversible items you not only get two styles for the price of one, you also increase your options when combining them with each other. Take a look at our reversibles collection.

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Lay everything out on your bed, and start trimming: remove anything that does not go well with everything else, or that you are not sure you will wear. Packing smart is about learning to not try to plan for absolutely every possibility, while maximizing the versatility of the items you do pack.

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Reign in the extras: Don’t add extra weight at the last minute – keep shoes, heavy reading materials, and toiletries light. The new TSA guidelines for carrying on liquids can be viewed as a blessing in disguise – all that liquid rapidly adds weight. For many travelers, especially women, toiletries can end up being half your luggage weight. Look for small containers, teeny toiletries and dry versions of products you might normally carry as liquids (like hand soap).

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