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How Expats Celebrate Thanksgiving Abroad

Nov 25th, 2014 Lynne & Tim Martin

Lynne Martin, author of Home Sweet Anywhere, How We Sold Our House, Created a New Life, and Saw the World, and her husband Tim have been living internationally in vacation rentals without a home base for almost four years. Here she explores how expats celebrate Thanksgiving. I lived in Dublin in the early nineties for… Read More

Samantha Brown Gift Picks

Nov 24th, 2014 Packing Tips, Samantha Brown, Travel Tips

Find great gifts for every traveler on your list with Samantha Brown’s Gift Picks.   “Want to know what I love most about winter? Turtlenecks! Especially a lightweight one like this, with a beautiful texture.” Shop the Honeycomb Cowlneck Sweater >>   “This has become my jewel-toned travel companion that I wrap around my neck… Read More

Travel Checklist – Taking Flight

Nov 11th, 2014 Packing Tips, Travel Tips

Planning your trip sets the stage for travel dreams to take flight. Once you’ve gotten Part 1 of your vacation checklist under wraps, you can turn your attention to take-off and landing. Read our travel tips for comfortable flying, staying connected, best travel accessories and how to prep for arrival and sightseeing. Finding the Best… Read More

Travel Tips for the Holidays

Nov 6th, 2014 Greg Garcia, Travel Tips

With a little advance planning, journeys during these peak travel times can be smooth and worry free. Listed below are some tips that ensure you arrive at your destination rested, relaxed, and ready for an unforgettable holiday. Wrap-Not If traveling by air and bearing gifts, remember to travel with your gifts unwrapped, as agents of… Read More

Destination: Vienna

Nov 6th, 2014 Destination Guides, Europe

In winter, Austria’s magnificent baroque capital is outfitted in regal splendor that fits its status as the 100-year-old center of the imperial Hapsburg Empire. Winter is the season for Christmas markets, ball gowns, waltz music and sparkling shop windows. Bundle up as we wander through Vienna’s emerging art markets, hidden opera passageways, porcelain and antique… Read More