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Destination: Marseille

Jul 25th, 2013 Destinations

Founded by ancient Greek mariners circa 600 B.C., Marseille was originally a trading port. Today, thousands of boats dock in this sunny Mediterranean city, which fuses vibrant cosmopolitan energy with a seafaring merchant heritage. The French relish their southern capital for its superb seafood, thriving arts scene and unique mix of architecture. Its proximity to… Read More

Destination: Morocco

Jun 6th, 2013 Destinations

Awash in color, sound, fragrance and energy, Morocco is a feast for the senses. Rich landscapes of mountains, desert and coastline are threaded with mosques, souks, kasbahs and medinas woven with Berber, Arabic and European influence and intrigue. Travel along as we unearth the glimmering stones of this brilliant cultural mosaic. Moroccan Bazaars – Exchanges… Read More

Destination: Vanilla Islands

May 9th, 2013 Destinations

A string of dazzling islands off the southeast coast of Africa has long enticed Europeans in search of paradise. The bounty of white-sand beaches, turquoise waters and lush tropics combined with an infusion of African, Arabic, Asian and European cultural heritage create the islands’ unique appeal. Pack your bags as we head into the peak… Read More

Destination: Victoria Falls

Apr 18th, 2013 Destinations

The untamed, exotic landscape of Africa calls both romantics and adventurers. Flowing savannas, shifting sands, great rivers, rolling hills and captivating baobab trees provide the backdrop for an incredible concentration of wildlife. Join us as we explore Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls and the unparalleled thrills of safaris. TravelSmith thanks Global Sojourns for their invaluable help in… Read More

Destination: Cape Town

Mar 28th, 2013 Destinations

White-sand beaches, blue skies and cobalt seas are just the beginning of Cape Town’s allure. Set against the majestic backdrop of Table Mountain, this geographic wonder at the foot of Africa is home to surfers, foodies and jet-setters, as well as penguins, baboons, diamonds, wineries and world-class beaches. Join us as we explore the exciting… Read More

Destination: Great Ocean Road

Mar 7th, 2013 Destinations

There’s more to the Great Ocean Road (GOR) than just the drive. Good onya (good for you) if you do some advance planning. Read these tips to find out when to go, what to pack and where to find koalas, gas and a good microbrew Great Ocean Road – Paving the Way to an Engineering… Read More