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Favorite Travel Quotes

Feb 24th, 2016 Travel Stories

Travel is a beautiful thing. There aren’t many experiences in life that challenge and reward the mind and body like visiting a new destination, whether it’s down the road or around the world. Lucky for us, some of the best… Read More

10 Great Apps to Make Travel Easier

Feb 16th, 2016 Johnny Jet

If you travel a lot I bet your phone looks a lot like mine: tons of folders loaded with apps. I easily could’ve written a post on a 100 travel apps to use but that would’ve been way too long… Read More

Presidential Monuments

Feb 11th, 2016 Cultural Experiences, North America

To honor the 100th Anniversary of the National Park Service, you could participate in a Jimmy Carter National Historic Site encompasses his high school (now the park visitor center and museum), the train depot (where his presidential victory campaign was… Read More

Best Restaurants in San Juan

Feb 8th, 2016 Culinary Travel, Distincte

Like most of the Caribbean islands, the indigenous cuisine of Puerto Rico leaned heavily on starchy taro, fruity papaya and mango, fresh seafood and domesticated goat, pig and chicken. With lots of breading and deep frying involved. No more. The… Read More