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Guy Stuff Gear Bag

Item 193360
Guy Stuff Crossbody Day Trip Bag by Territory Ahead®: Durable cotton canvas is fully lined in nylon and trimmed with bison leather. Features a padded sleeve for your tablet computer and a zippered opening with sleeves for cards; slots for pens; and four pockets, plus a snap-top sleeve on the back.
  • Cotton canvas; nylon lining
  • Antiqued brass hardware
  • Imported
  • 8" x 4" at the base, 10" tall
Guy Stuff Crossbody Day Trip Bag by Territory Ahead®
Item 193360

Monogram It
Monogrammed Guy Stuff Crossbody Bag by Territory Ahead®
Item 117054

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Customer Reviews

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(based on 24 reviews)

March 15, 2019
"Love the bag. Though would have liked a picture on the website of the inside awesome pockets"
January 12, 2019
"Still does a great job, but metal zippers (earlier model) far superior to the plastic zippers now on two important compartments."
By Greg Ramirez
January 08, 2019
"Great bag to carry small stuff around. Well made."
By Henry Mulzac
Rockville, MD
September 01, 2018
"I've had and appreciated this gear bag for a number of years yet realized a security flaw the teeth separate after being zipped up. Also if the zipper is pulled on too hard, it can come off track and no longer align the teeth properly. Items can drop out, I don't use that side. YKK zippers they are not."
By Dennis French
Bloomington, IL
August 27, 2018
"I bought this bag quite a few years ago, coinciding when I started using a kindle for reading. It has held up well. Last year one of the swivel buckles broke and so I re-attached without that. The bag is starting to show its age and I will buy a new one soon. I carry this with me everyday and in it are my small wallet (lower front zippered pocket), kindle, in the zippered pocket above the wallet pocket, and my 8" iPad or my 9.7" iPad Pro in the top zippered pocket. Great bag!"
May 11, 2018
"Purchased and returned. The bag itself is probably okay and I might have kept it but for the strap. Being a short female, I assumed that the comment by others regarding the short strap MIGHT not apply to me... I was wrong. Not only is the strap too short (which renders the bag nonfunctional for me) but the clasps were stuck shut (likely from the finish used on them) and when I was able to " break the seal," one of the clasps was too gunked up for the spring inside to function. "
By Ned Collum
Naples, FL
May 01, 2018
"I had a similar size bag made of nylon prior to this purchase. The Territory Ahead bag has more compartment options, looks much better and is more comfortable. Better in every way. Worth the additional cost. "
May 01, 2018
"I've had one of these for 8 +years I use it every day. It's a great tool for everything from my iPad to my concealed carry. The new one has virtually an identical layout. Unfortunately it's had several cost reductions since my original. Formerly it had heavy beaded seams on the outer compartments (they're gone) and the zippers were all metal (only one is metal now). On the plus side the strap is a much better design and the addition of the small top handle is great. Still very functional."
By Howard Lowery
Columbia , MS
April 10, 2018
"This bag is "almost" perfect. Why not perfect? It needs a few things - inches. If it were 1 - 2 inches wider and a couple taller, it would be great. Another pocket, or two, would not be bad but it's mainly the inches… or another (larger) size in addition to this one? "
By Robert Doran
Lyndhurst, NJ
December 17, 2017
"Purchased one several years back, not exceptional but did the job. Eventually wore out and i recently purchase a new one, the quality has gone completely downhill, cheaper materials and one of the snaps broke when I opened it form the package. poorly made product, I advise you stay away. "
By Amy
December 09, 2017
"I love this bag. It’s been my “day pack” on a dozen overseas trips so far & still looks great. It will hold my iPad, journal, & necessities (sunglasses, eyedrops, snacks, etc) easily, making it the perfect seatmate on flights as well. I replaced the strap with a more comfortable cross-body one as the built-in shoulder pad was uncomfortable. I’d also really like a version of this that’s turned on its side - same dimensions, just longer than it is tall - easier to find things in."
December 11, 2016
"Exactly what I needed and more !!"
September 24, 2016
"i really like the bag. i was disappointed in the length of the shoulder strap. it is too short. a couple of more inches and it would have been perfect. "
September 21, 2016
"You probably don't want to hear this, but it makes an outstanding purse! Everything in its place and easy to find."
By Gary O'Rielly
Lake Stevens, WA
April 21, 2016
"This is by far my go-to bag and used everyday inspite of being retired. The one question I have been asking, is "what is the best method of cleaning the bag" without damaging it. I lost the instructions that came with the bag. I will gladly purchase another one when this one wears out. Best bag for the money."
By Landes Bell
Long Beach, CA
April 08, 2016
"I am a Docent at a large metropolitan zoo and this carry with easy access pockets and card holders is perfect for the cards,devices and demonstration tools I need to carry with me when I am giving tours. I have tried other bags but this one has proven to be the best for what I use it for."
By David
Beaufort, NC
November 02, 2015
"I purchased this bag for holding my Apple mini tablet (with off-line maps loaded), wallet, room card, passport, boarding passes, etc when traveling. It's a great bag, very handy, and I use it all the time - I'd be lost without it."
Fargo, ND
March 25, 2015
"This is literally my "go to" bag since I switched to using my iPad regularly over my laptop. Perfect size for that, plus notebooks and accessories.However, the stiching came loose on the handle and I had to go to my friendly shoe repair shop to get it fixed.It's back in use, but I was disappointed with this quality issue."
By Arcl
April 06, 2014
"I have one of the larger "Guy Stuff" bags and it is great. However, this one is so small that you would have to really cram a long sleeve T to get it in. Just not big enough to be practical. With t's tiny size on your shoulder, it ends up looking like a women's purse. To call this "guy stuff" is silly. Impractical and effeminate. Keep looking."
By Ron
Athens, GA
March 07, 2014
"What I love most about this bag is that it's wonderful either for adventure and play or professional distinction. (I do prefer my more cost-effective Travel Smith on trail walks.) In fact, the three-zippered compartments are perfect for such balanced schizophrenia. Rare among device holders, the outer, nicely stitched pocket is perfect for digital camera and charger with nice spaciousness left. The next area easily contains both my Nexus 7 and the Bluetooth keyboard, or other gadgets for quick access and travel. The tablet padding is excellent and firm while the outer snap pocket is ideal for accessing two or three folded pages of important information and a few stacked bills. Construction is fine. Of the four guy stuff bags I own (cabin, two laptop brief, and original weekender) all of which are cherished, I rate this as highly as any.Now there's a great travel companion for the SUV to the mountain cabin or the plane to the west coast. As they say, it just "hangs."None of my guy"
By Bobshoe
Irvine, CA
May 26, 2013
"This is a great looking bag and very useful. It's also good for holding a tablet. The problem I had is that the bottom of the bag on both sides wore out very quickly since I used the bag allot. It's also difficult places to repair since it is where the bottom meet the sides. It would be a 5-star bag if the bottom was reinforced with leather, like the patches on sport coats."
By OldJP
January 26, 2012
"Excellent for transporting my iPad and all the gear that goes with it. Digital camera fits nicely and there's room for plenty of odds and ends as well as books and small magazines."
By Buzzy
January 15, 2012
"I've had one of these bags for several years now. It has held up extremely well. It certainly does not need coddling. Shortly after I got this one, a rivet on the strap pad came loose. Territory Ahead sent me a new bag, but I changed out the straps and sent the new bag back with the bad strap. My one gripe is that it is too small. My bag is crammed full of all my necessary guy stuff and I do mean crammed. I often wish that it were just a little bigger. At one point Territory Ahead had a slightly bigger bag with a bottle holder on the side. But this item was pulled almost immediately after it went up. I'd sure like to see it back there again."
By pigglett
Houston TX
January 01, 2012
"I've always carried a bag, and I love this one - it's the perfect size for stuffing with whatever you need - your wallet, checkbook, keys, iPhone, glasses (I carry two pairs), numerous pens, large folding knife, a flashlight, passport, notebook, paperbacks, cologne, hairbrush, personal protection, etc,. I'm now on my second bag - spilled bleach on the first one and gave it to a grateful friend who had long admired it and now uses it to carry his guns and ammo to the deer blind. The cotton canvas wears very well, and the bison leather and antique brass hardware adds to the rugged and relaxed style of the bag. I have received many compliments on this bag - it goes with anything you wear and has a rugged look without being fussy or looking like a "man-purse". Toss it in the back seat or on the floorboard and don't worry about it. I like this Khaki cotton canvas look so much that I have purchased the entire Guy Stuff line, and it looks great piled on the cart at the airport and in the hotel lobby."