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Guy Stuff Cabin Bag

Item 193166
Guy Stuff Cabin Bag by Territory Ahead®: We’ve combined travel-savvy utility with jet-setter style in this cabin bag inspired by the classic pilot’s bag. Designed to fit under seats, it has a padded sleeve for a laptop (up to 15"); key clip; easy-access opening; ticket pocket on top flap; pockets - inside and out; and a padded shoulder strap.
  • Washed heavyweight canvas duck with bison leather trim
  • Nylon lining; brass zippers and hardware
  • Imported
  • 15½" x 8" x 10½"
  • 2.7 pounds
Guy Stuff Cabin Bag by Territory Ahead®
Item 193166

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Monogrammed Guy Stuff Cabin Bag by Territory Ahead®
Item 117056

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Customer Reviews

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(based on 23 reviews)

September 03, 2018
"Fine quality and perfect size. I purchased the bag for travel, couldn't ask for more."
By denny kelleher
Rancho Cordova, CA
July 14, 2018
"I've finally found the perfect size travel bag - with my MacBook Pro (13") and Bose QuietComfort-25s loaded with room for a book or two; I can't wait to see how it slides under the seat on my flight next weekend to Colorado. This Buffalo Leather style has always been a favorite of mine - roll-up suit bag, rolling overnighter, back-pack and dopp-kit have made it on cruises and travel all over - with respectable wear that just makes them look all the more Vintage Luggage they replicate."
By Brian
May 19, 2018
"Perfect size. Very will made."
May 16, 2018
"Looks great. Just the right size for stashing all the stuff you travel with plus a few wearables. "
By Laurel Hewlen
Lakewood , CO
December 28, 2017
"Love it gave it as a gift for a man bag diaper bag it’s perfect room for everything a daddy will need for a baby"
Alexandria, VA
August 11, 2017
"I have used this bag for ten years or so, and it still looks as good as it did in the beginning. At first, I had trouble with the bag spilling gear when the front flap was open, but I have learned to compensate by careful handling. It seems to have the right place for everything: tickets, chargers, valuables, papers. It carries easily, straight or cross body or on top of a suitcase."
June 06, 2017
"This is my second cabin bag. My wife decided to claim my first one. Now, I get to have one, too! "
By Tom Langer
Ashburn , VA
March 29, 2017
"I love this bag and use it for all the traveling I do. It's is soft, lightweight, easily fits under the seat in front, and holds everything I need. Sharp looking too, in fact I have been stopped twice by strangers to ask where I got it from. This bag does it all. "
March 14, 2017
"I like the bag. It takes a little getting used to as far as it doesn't not stand on its own but I recognize the engineering that allows to to not dump if picked up with the flap not zipped shut. It holds my iPad great and I have yet to have it full. The water bottle pockets are the bomb!"
January 05, 2017
"I had their old version of their shoulder bag for a good 10-12 years. Loved it and hoped to replace it due to wear and tear. The new one is too small, not being able to fit standard files/clipboards, etc. Returned it."
By Sam Raymer
Dallas, TX
September 29, 2016
"I bought this a few years ago after quite a bit of contemplation, due to the price. Yes it is pricey, but it is well made and very stylish. I would not recommend for a laptop, but it's fine for a tablet etc. I have used this many time as an overnight bag on airlines that charge for carry ons and beat them at their game. Well designed, it has many useful compartments and even has a water bottle pouch for airport ease. It is holding up well, looks great and is almost worth the pricetag. :)"
By A Traveller
Right Here, Virginia
November 19, 2015
"This is my second "Guy Stuff" Bag. This one here is a newer "model". My previous one I got from TA many years ago and used it extensively until it finally succumbed to the "wear and tear" of much hard use. I have actually yet to use this one on a trip but have an opinion based on first close inspection and noted "improvements" in the design. The old one had some annoying but not disqualifying traits. This one has the same rugged and attractive construction and seeming similar/same materials and quality of the other one. A couple shared "cons" with it predecessor however: The shoulder strap provides NO non-slip surface to keep the bag from sliding off your shoulder. I finally had to alter my old one with the addition of a rubberized material on one side of the strap to improve it. Next, same useless and unnecessary leather thongs on all the zippers can/should be either removed or clipped shorter. They get in the way! A couple new deficiencies with this bag: The overly wid"
By SkyQueen
Birmingham, AL
October 11, 2015
"I purchased and gave this bag to my husband 3 years ago for Christmas. He absolutely loved it from the 1st day he used it. He now has used it (he travels every other week) for 3 years and it still looks great and has had nothing break or tear. This bag has many compartments as well as one big one. If anything ever happens to this bag, I will get him another one!"
By bigg dogg 822
February 12, 2015
"a lot smaller then previous model i purchased years earlier. too small. not as sturdy as i thought it would be."
By Surveyor
Greensburg, PA
August 01, 2012
"Other "Guy Stuff" that I own are the laptop bag, the carry-on and the shaving travel kit. I am satisfied with these items and use them quite often. I purchased the Cabin Bag because I wanted a bag to carry my laptop and travel stuff that was a little more compact than the laptop bag that I use daily. In the picture, it looked like this bag would fit my needs. It dosen't. My laptop (15") does not fit in the bag without having to tug the sides around the computer. When the laptop is forced into the bag, it becomes difficult to zip the compartment. The padding around the sides of the compartment is poor. The padding at the base of the bag does not extend the full length of the bottom of the bag. This padding is also inadequate. Also, when you open the bag, everything, except the laptop, spills out. Remember, the laptop had to be forced into the poorly padded compartment. The concept is good, but the design is poor. I am not pleased with this product."
By Pablo49
Tulsa, Oklahoma
June 08, 2012
"The upside to this bag is that it is made for travel. When boarding a plane, I can put it under the front seat which makes for convenient access during the flight. There is plenty of room for the iPad, notepad, pens, and the other dozens of little convenient accessories one likes to fiddle with after thoroughly digesting the SkyMall magazine. The bag is handsome in a manly fashion, stylish, functional and convenient. I particularly appreciate the extra pockets and stash areas, two of which securely hold my sunglasses/case and binoculars in opposing pockets, snuggly inside the large zippered section. The khaki is durable and rugged and will take a beating if you tend to be hard on your possessions. The buffalo leather is tastfully added in all the right places creating just the right accent impact. I frequently get unsolicited comments which confirm my own impressions/opinions of this bag. The biggest downside is the quality of the zippers and the relative formlessness of the bag. I can see an inevitable zipper or two being replaced within the next couple of years, but for me, that does not detract from overall functionality or style. The bag kind of forms around the shape of the items placed inside, so I would not transport fragile items unless they are well cushioned. The cost is irritatingly inflated as are many of TA's accessories but if one uses it consistently over time, the investment should level out. Overall, I really like this bag and highly recommend it if you are frequent traveler. With TA's return guarantees it is well worth trying it out."
By MileHigh
Coconut Grove, FL
June 07, 2012
"Even after reading other reviews, I purchased this bag to use as an option to laptop bags that I use for travel. The reviews had pointed out the khaki material is a bit flimsy and doesn't provide much shape when you have to take stuff out for airport security. The description of "heavyweight" canvas is not accurate. This is the major flaw in this bag; however, I do like the look and this short fall is manageable."
By reviewer444
Philadelphia, PA
April 26, 2012
"So after keeping eyes on for an about a half year, I finally decided to pull the trigger on this. First impression : just like in the picture, it is a very good looking bag and the feel is very nice. Good: Very nice looking as I mentioned earlier and the weight is about right and it is very comfortable both straight or in cross body style. The size is also nice although it looks small, you can carry a lot... I can carry my galaxy 10.1 tab, kindle, lunch, and jacket - the bag may look funny, but I can carry them comfortably. The front 2 compartment is big enouh to carry my sunglass case and small items. Top leather part, I carry my work ID and keys - it has that key holder thing with NICE hardware. All hardwares used in this bag is high quality. Neutral: I am not so sure if I can say that there are 'compartments'. In my opinion, there is actually no sections - it is divided into 2 sections but the small section is not really big enough for something thick and this is where I carry my tablet and kindle since it has VERY minimal padding. And the large compartment. I actually have to say I like it because I can lay my lunch flat so it won't leak. Not so good: This is my 4th week owning this bag, I think, and some of seams from the front compartment is coming off. it does seem simple to re-stitch but I think it is too 'soon' for me to do so for the price. Summary: Overall I like the bag and I would recommend to my friends, however, if you want to carry a valuable electronics, I would put them in protective 'pouch' first. I do carry my laptop (13.3in) and I wouldn't carry it without protective sleeve."
By Stork
North Carolina
March 28, 2012
"This is a nice bag for carrying your daily stuff to work or school, maybe even a small weekend getaway bag. No problems with "spillage"; I just open it when its laying on a surface. A little pricey, but I got it on sale and it was a splurge item."
By Buck2112
Westchester, NY
March 18, 2012
"I just returned from another trip and I love this bag...3 years now and it has not failed in 10 states and 3 countries... Perfect for the plane ride, and everywhere else."
By NashvilleFlyer
Nashville, TN
March 05, 2012
"The bag is stylish, well-made and fun .... but. I bought it to use as a laptop bag. My computer is just shy of the 15 inches allotted, but it still gets caught on the interior side storage bags. As for padding, there is a little at the bottom, but virtually none on the sides and top, thus leaving the computer subject to bumps, especially when under an airline seat. I would have happily given up some of the room inside (and there is a lot) for some padding. And it's difficult to get a computer in and out. Smaller machines may work better. A few tweaks and this could be a great bag, but it's not there yet."
By Mjz1
60 Miles Outside DC
February 22, 2012
"OK, I confess in advance that this is going to sound a little like one of those "J. Peterman" things from Seinfeld, but seriously, I am a journalist and amateur/advanced photographer (I've actually sold a few photos to go with stories I've written) and during the past two years, I have used this bag on trips to China, Tibet, Nepal, Moscow, NYC, LA, Denver, Atlanta, Chicago, DC (and, I'm pretty sure some other places I'm not recalling right now) carrying cameras, lenses, chewing gum, cigarettes and Chantex, tape recorders, visas, interview documents, legal pads, pens, Bose headsets and simple ear buds, iPhones and Blackberries, AA and AAA batteries, as well as chargers, international plug sets, sandwiches, etc. -- as well as visits to my accountant, lawyer and the bank re-fi folks, and found this to be a fabulous side-kick. It can be organized in many ways. The zippers are at times a bit dodgy, but ultimately reliable. I have frequently traveled with an iPad, but never a laptop, which I suspect might make the bag a bit burdensome; unlike true "messenger bags" this one becomes a bit discomforting when heavily loaded. BUT, unlike "messenger bags" this bag is classy, sophisticated, and it's fine organization makes it a real pleasure to have under the seat in front of you when you are on a long flight or intensely busy trip."
By HarvJ
February 08, 2012
"Despite several low reviews, I ordered this bag anyway hoping that I could live with the problems that were identified. But, I have decided to return it because there is a major problem that becomes clear once you have the bag in hand - when the bag is full and the zippered flap for the main compartment is opened, the contents are going to tend to spill out. The picture doesn't show it well enough, but the zippered flap entends down the front of the bag about half way. So instead of being a full 10 1/2 - 11 inches in height on all 4 sides, the front of the bag is only half that. And because the canvas has no underlying structure, it collapses and the contents fall out. Otherwise, the bag is well made and in addition to the outside pockets, it has several inside pockets for cell phones or similar sized objects and several pens."