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Women's 15-Pocket Voyager Vest

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Women's 15-Pocket Voyager Vest: Our best-selling and most versatile women's travel vest. Lightweight and quick-drying, UPF40+ sun protection and loads of pockets, including handwarmer and zip security pockets. Hidden zip front with snap closure, funnel neck and drawstring hem keep out the cold. Mesh lining on the upper back and behind the chest pockets wicks moisture and keeps you cool. Large zippered pocket across the lower back can be used for storage or to turn the vest into a travel pillow.
  • Nylon/poly
  • Machine wash
  • Imported
  • Lengths: (M) 25½"; (Plus) 27½"
Women's Sizes
Men's Sizes
Do you know your acetate from a hole in the ground? Your gussets from your grommets? If not, here's a list of the more commonly used textile words and terms that you'll see in our catalog. For more information or clarification, you can call us at: 1-800-770-3387

ACETATE - A manufactured fiber that uses cellulose refined from cotton and/or wood pulp. Characteristics: fast drying, wrinkle- and shrinkage-resistant, crisp or soft depending on end use, luxurious in appearance.

ACRYLIC - A manufactured fiber made from long-chain synthetic polymers. Characteristics: wrinkle resistance; low moisture absorbency and quick-drying; provides warmth yet lightweight, soft and resilient.

ALPACA - The fleece from an Alpaca, a cousin to the llama. Alpaca fleece is similar in characteristics to wool, but softer, silkier and more lustrous.

BANDED COLLAR - A shirt without a fold-over collar; there is only the band at the neck.

BARTACK - A close series of stitches crossing a piece of cloth in order to reinforce at a point of concentrated strain (e.g. belt loop or patch pocket corner).

BASKET WEAVE - A variation of the plain weave in which two or more threads weave alike in both warp (down) and filling (across) directions, joined in the regular order of the plain weave. So named for the basket-like pattern of the weave.

BATIK - A method of resist dyeing which employs wax as the resist. The pattern is covered with wax, and the fabric is then dyed: the wax patterns will not take the dye. The wax is removed after dyeing by boiling the fabric or applying solvent. The fabric is often streaked where the dye has gone through cracks in the wax. Batik dyeing originated in Indonesia.

BESOM - A narrow piece of fabric that works as an edging on a pocket; can be single besom, one side of pocket opening or double besom, both sides.

BOX PLEAT - Two small, back to back outward facing pleats that have a box- like appearance. On shirts, box pleats are positioned in the center back at the bottom of the yoke to allow ease of movement in the shoulders and arms.

BROADCLOTH - A fine, closely woven, lustrous cotton or cotton/poly blend made in plain weave with a fine rib in the direction of the filling (across). The filling yarn is heavier and has less twist than the warp yarn (down). The cloth is usually mercerized, and has a soft, firm finish.

BRUSHING - A finishing process for woven or knit fabrics in which brushes or other abrading elements are used to raise a nap (a fuzzy or downy surface). Brushed fabrics have a soft, slightly weathered, broken-in feel.

BUTTON-DOWN COLLAR - Having buttonholes on the collar points so they fasten to the shirt.

CAMP COLLAR - A one-piece collar that lays flat, part of the shirt also lays flat to create a notch. Also called a Convertible Collar or Notched Collar.

CANVAS - A general classification of strong, firm, closely woven fabrics usually made with cotton. A heavier, open weave comprised of plied yarns (a number of single yarns, usually three, twisted together). Characteristics: very hard-wearing, generally water-resistant.

CASHMERE - The fleece that comes from a Cashmere goat. These animals roam at high elevations (10,000 - 15,000 ft.), hence their very warm, soft fleece. Garments made with cashmere are normally more expensive because of limited yield (one goat produces only 4 ounces of fleece a year).

CHAMBRAY - A general class of plain weave, usually cotton, made with a colored warp (down) and white filling (across). Most often made using blue and white, but also available in stripes, checks and figured patterns.

COMBING - The removal of short fibers or noils from material so that the resulting yarn be composed of larger fibers. The comb straightens and arranges them in parallel order.

CORDUROY - A strong, durable fabric with cotton ground and vertical cut-pile stripes (wales) formed by an extra system of filling yarns. The foundation of the fabric can be either a plain or twill weave. Of all cotton fabrics, corduroy is the warmest because its wales form an insulated cushion of air.

COTTON - A vegetable fiber consisting of unicellular hairs attached to the seed of the cotton plant. The normal color of cotton is light to dark cream, and its chemical composition is almost pure cellulose. A distinct feature of the mature fiber is its spirality or twist. In fabrics, cotton makes for strong, versatile, cool-wearing and comfortable garments.

CREPE - A general classification of fabric characterized by a broad range of crinkled or gained surface effects. Methods of making crepe include the use of hard twisted yarns, special chemical treatment, special weaves and embossing.

DART - A tuck in the fabric that is sewn. It is used to define the shape of a garment making a two dimensional piece of fabric into a three-dimensional garment. Darts are usually seen where the body curves: bust, waist, hip.

DENIM - A well-known basic cotton or blended fabric in a right- or left-hand woven twill. Generally, the warp (down) is dyed blue with a white filling (across). Also called "dungaree."

DOBBY - A general term for a fabric woven on a special dobby loom, which allows the weaving of small, geometric figures. These patterns are beyond the range of simple looms, yet too limited to be produced economically by Jacquard loom. A dobby weave can be distinguished from a plain weave by its more ornate and intricate woven appearance.

FLANNEL - Generally, a cotton or wool fabric, napped on one or both sides (usually both), then bleached, dyed or printed, and brushed or rerun through the napping machine to revive the nap. Flannel fabrics are very soft and cozy.

FLEECE - 1). A heavy napped surface, most often in knit goods, made with a heavy and soft-spun back yarn, which is napped in finishing (e.g. the inside surface of a sweatshirt). 2). Wool sheared from sheep or other animals in the wool class. The term is especially used for the entire coat of wool shorn from the sheep at one time; it is generally taken off the animal in one piece.

GARMENT DYEING - The garment is first produced, then the complete garment is dyed.

GARMENT WASH - The garment is constructed and then washed to soften the fabric and minimize shrinkage.

GAUGE - A measurement used in knitted garments that reflects the size of the needles used to knit the garment. The larger the gauge, the smaller the needle - therefore, the finer the knit.

GORE - Vertical panels in a skirt or dress; enhances the fit of a garment.

GROMMET - Little air holes reinforced with metal ring, usually on jackets, hats or shoes to allow ventilation.

GROSGRAIN - A firm, closely woven, ribbed fabric. It has a dressy appearance and is used for ribbons, neckties, hatbands and trimmings.

GUSSET - A triangular piece of fabric inserted into a garment to improve the fit or for reinforcement (e.g. on the sleeve of a jacket under the arm to allow for extra layering).

HERRINGBONE TWILL - A broken twill weave composed of vertical sections which are alternately right hand and left hand in direction, resembling the vertebral structure of the herring (zigzag). The twill changes direction perfectly where the weave breaks, balancing the overall pattern of the fabric.

HOLLYWOOD WAISTBAND - The waistband is the same piece of fabric as the rest of the garment. Advantages are that it has a smooth silhouette making the transition from hip to waist more gradual.

JACQUARD - A system of weaving which, because of a pattern-making mechanism of great versatility, permits the production of very ornate, complex woven designs. This type of weaving is used for tapestry, figured necktie and dress fabric, and figured patterns on knit goods (sweaters).

JERSEY - A generic term for a plain knitted fabric; its principal distinction is that it is not a fabric with a distinct rib (e.g. T-shirt fabric).

KNIT - Knit fabrics are made up of a series of interlocking loops that result in a flexible construction. All knits have some stretch.

LINEN - One of the oldest textile fibers known. Though the fiber and the fabric are both commonly known as linen, it is actually flax, the fiber of the Linum plant. Linen is generally favored for its fine, strong, cool-wearing properties. It drapes away from the skin rather than clinging to it. In knitwear, linen is combined with other natural or synthetic fibers for improved strength and resiliency.

MERCERIZATION - A treatment of cotton yarn or fabric to increase its luster. Its affinity for dyes is also enhanced. In the process, the material is immersed under tension in a sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) solution. This later is neutralized in acid. The process causes a permanent swelling of the fiber, thus increasing its luster.

NYLON - The generic term for man-made fibers composed of polyamides derived from coal and petroleum. Characteristics: high strength, elasticity, low water absorption and quick-drying.

OMBRE - A color effect woven into the fabric that has gradual changes in shade from light to dark, generally produced by arranging different tones in the warp.

PIGMENT DYEING - A process in which a specific type of dye is applied to the surface of a fabric, then after one washing it fades into a softer color. The color will slowly continue to fade with age. Pigment dyed products from TravelSmith are prewashed and will not harm other garments during washing after they've been washed once.

PLACKET - An opening with fabric piecing and buttons or snaps on a garment that facilitates dressing. Plackets can be at the neck of a shirt, the cuff of a sleeve, or the waist of a skirt or pair of pants.

PLEATS - Small tucks in clothing to allow for extra room and ease of movement. Pleats can be seen at the waist of pants or skirts, the cuff of a sleeve, the waist or bust area of a blouse or dress.

POLYESTER - A manufactured fiber made from long-chain synthetic polymers. Characteristics: crease-resistance, quick-drying, great shape retention, high strength, abrasion resistance and easy care.

PRINTING - Applying color(s) in definite, repeated patterns of fabric by any one of a number of printing methods. Color is deposited in thick paste form and treated with steam or chemicals to cause it to migrate into or adhere to textile material. The design is not woven into the cloth but stamped in after the cloth is woven or knit.

RAMIE - A strong, soft fiber yielded by the inner bark of the Ramie plant. The fiber is white, soft, lustrous and slightly coarser than flax (linen) when degummed and bleached. Ramie fabrics are strong, smooth and durable.

RAYON - A generic term for man-made fibers composed of regenerated cellulose derived from trees, cotton and woody plants. Characteristics: high absorbency, bright or dull luster, pleasant feel or hand, good draping qualities, ability to be dyed in brilliant colors and superior strength.

REACTIVE DYE - A type of dye that completely saturates the fabric for a long lasting color.

RIB KNIT - A double-knit fabric in which the rib wales or vertical rows of stitches intermesh alternatively on the face and the back of the fabric. Rib knit fabrics have good elasticity and shape retention, especially in the width.

RISE - The measurement on pants from the front waist between the legs up to the back waist. This refers to how high or low a pant will ride (i.e. "short-waist" or "long-waist")

SANDBLASTING - The garment is literally sandblasted for a worn-in look; fabric has to be very durable to withstand the abuse, usually 14 oz. denim for jeans.

SANDWASH - Sand is put into the industrial wash for a softened feel and texture for the garment.

SHIRTTAIL HEM - The curved bottom hem of a shirt - higher on the side hip area (for ease of movement) dipping low in the front and back (so that the shirt will stay tucked into pants).

SILK - Continuous protein filament produced by the larvae of various insects, especially the caterpillar when constructing its cocoon. The chief portion of commercial silk is produced in Japan and China. Characteristics: resiliency, aesthetics, elasticity and strength, warm in winter, cool in summer.

SLUB - A lump or thick place on yarn caused by small lengths of yarn adhering to it during the spinning process. This adds a random texture to the fabric when the yarn is woven or knit into a garment.

SPREAD COLLAR - An open collar with no buttons to hold the collar points to the shirt. Spread collars have two pieces: the fold over collar part and the stand that keeps the collar close to the neck.

STANDARD WAISTBAND - An extra piece of fabric that is sewn to the body of the pants, shorts or skirt.

TENCEL - A cellulosic fiber produced by Courtaulds, spun from an amine oxide solvent that offers a higher degree of polymerization than is available with rayon. Characteristics: pleasant feel or hand, good draping qualities, ability to be dyed in brilliant colors, superior strength, and easy care.

VENTED BOTTOM - The bottom hem of a shirt that is cut straight with side slits to allow ease of movement. Vents are usually 2" deep.

WALE - In woven fabric, one series of ribs, cords, or raised portions. In corduroy fabric, wales per inch are counted to distinguish broad- from fine-textured cloth. The higher the wale number, the finer the texture of the fabric.

WEIGHT OF CLOTH (OZ.) - A description or classification of many fabrics by weight per yard.

WELT - A piece of fabric that works as an edging on a pocket; usually a single welt and wider than a besom.

WOOL - Primarily the fleece of a sheep or lamb - but can also refer to fleece of the alpaca, angora, cashmere goat, camel and vicuna. The fiber is distinguished from hair by the character of its covering: minute overlapping scales, which give it a felting property. Characteristics: strong and resilient, soft and warm, wicks away moisture and dyes well for rich coloration.

WOVEN - Woven fabrics are produced by the interlacing of yarns. Each filling yarn goes alternately over and under each warp yarn.

YARN-DYEING - Dyeing of individual yarns before weaving or knitting. Compared to garment dyes or prints, yarn-dyed fabrics boast richer, longer lasting color.

YOKE - An added section of fabric in a shirt or pants that enhances the fit. On a shirt, the yoke is usually on the back across the top shoulder area but can also be on the front shoulder to chest area. On pants, it is generally on the back of jeans-style pants located below the waistband.

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating:

(based on 287 reviews)

By Marcia
Boca Raton, FL
March 19, 2019
" I have been looking for a vest to take on safari and was very excited to finally find one that I like. I am hard to fit, being bigger on the bottom than I am on the top, but somehow this works for me. So many of the women’s vests are too fitted and tight on the bottom. I like my clothes to be a little loose but not too baggy and this vest is just right and comfortable. It is perfect for this trip. I purchased the men’s vest in green for my husband, which I also reviewed. He likes it very much."
By Carol Knox
March 16, 2019
"Love the vest and color"
By connie ramirez
Lincoln, NE
March 15, 2019
"Nice material has a two way zipper fit well."
March 09, 2019
"This vest will be very useful. Love the pockets! Nice looking and the medium is a good fit for me as a size 10. I have the navy and sesame. Both colors were as depicted on the website and catalog. They are a lightweight, which is perfect for most Spring, Summer and Fall weather where I live. "
March 07, 2019
"I haven't worn it yet, but I love it already. Bright cheerful color, great material, not the nylony feel I half expected. More pockets then I would ever need, but I won't be carrying a purse or tote any more I can tell that for sure. Looking for more colors in the fall!!"
March 07, 2019
"I love it! I am usually an xtra small or small. I opted for the small because I wanted to be able to put on a long sleeve shirt or light sweater underneath. And also wanted to account for anything bulky I would have to store. Although it's slightly baggy and not form fitting, I still give it 5 stars because it so practical."
March 06, 2019
"My husband has long loved his Voyager vest, which has thwarted pickpockets in Europe and simplified our trip to Asia. I bought the navy one on sale and now I love mine too. Since we are flying on larger seats on the plane which don't have underseat carry on space, I bought mine so I could have my wallet, phone, passport and camera on me instead of in an overhead bin. The pockets are roomy and everything fits. The sizing is true to size in the XL for me, as I checked the sizing chart. "
March 05, 2019
"I love this vest!. I will not travel out of the country without it. It is great for long haul air trips as everything needed during the flight can be kept right at hand (tissues, hand-sanitizer, passport, wallet, phone/tablet/charger/cables, earplugs, socks, clorox wipes for sanitizing armrests, tray table, seat belt, pen, etc. Also handy for walking around foreign cities without having to carry a handbag. Just got a new one in navy blue. Looks great and wears well. I highly recommend."
By Cynthia Mostoller
March 05, 2019
"Five years later and my vest still looks like I just bought it, but it's actually been to Kenya, Tanzania, maritime Canada, the Appalachian Mountains, the Rockies, the Dolomites and Alps, and dozens of hikes both in the US and Europe. Been washed many times with no color fading. (Mine is olive green, a discontinued color), no tears in the pockets or seaming, and no stains. A few of the pockets are too small for much but a lip balm, but I still have plenty of space. A very good purchase."
March 03, 2019
"Very functional. Went shopping without having to carry the purse. The vest itself though was heavier than I expected. "
March 02, 2019
"I LOVE ❤️ my new brown Voyager 15-pocket vest. It is perfect for the Physical Therapy walks I take each evening. All of the precautions one may need for self protection, when walking alone, fits in one or another of the pockets. Smaller pockets contain smaller devices. Larger pockets contain larger items. It sure is more comfortable and stylish than wearing “Belly Band,” which has only three places to stash the essentials every woman should be trained to use and carry. "
By Loralee Cooley
Albuquerque, NM
March 02, 2019
"This is exactly what I hoped it would be. My only caveat is that I probably should have purchased the "M" instead of the "S." But, no matter, this size will do nicely. It has so many handy pockets I'll probably need a road map to find everything (or a GPS!). This will go on several planned trips this year. Haven't tried to launder it yet, but I'm hoping it washes nicely, and no shrinkage. "
By Roma Panther
Coralville , IA
March 02, 2019
"Got vest, scarf, and travel pants! Love the colors, exactly as shown. Also used scarf as a belt with white pants. Very comfortable and many pockets so I can carry all my own stuff!"
By Margo
Atlanta, GA
March 02, 2019
"This vest is wonderful! I wanted a vest with multiple pockets to wear in Europe next summer so that I would have "secret" places for things I want to carry that would thwart pickpockets. It is very convenient to have a lot of pockets to put things in. This vest is perfect. Even if you see that I have a lump of something on me, you can't tell how to get to it. I have received numerous compliments on the looks of the vest. The color is beautiful and gets a strong positive response. "
By Dawn Davison
Buckeye, AZ
February 28, 2019
"Great vest. I searched high & low for a vest but nothing appealed to me. Took a chance, ordered this and I love it. I have the tan color. Well made & very stylish. Highly recommend it. "
By Kathy Pirok-Klein
St. Charles, IL
February 28, 2019
"This is my second vest. Love it to travel. If you have camera bag the last thing you want is to carry a purse. Great on plane. Put tickets, passport, wipes, chap stick, Kleenex, pockets no need to keep moving forward to grab a purse. Got my sister one when she is out with grandkids."
By Sharon T
Anaheim, CA
February 27, 2019
"This is the 5th Travel Smith vest I've both over the last 35 years. I like them all, however, the latest in navy blue is the most stylish of them all. It's more fitting and the collar is great!"
February 20, 2019
"Exactly what I was looking for. "
By Heidi
Manteca, CA
February 15, 2019
"I haven’t worn it out or washed it yet, so durability is yet to be determined. One thing I want buyers to know is that this vest DOES have the double zipper. I called customer service and they were unable to tell me, it doesn’t mentioned it in the description. I took a chance and I was happy! The size fit is true. And a crazy amount of pockets!"
By Howard
Bryan, TX
February 12, 2019
"Bought this vest for my wife. She loves hers as much as I love mine. Lots of spacious pockets."
February 11, 2019
"This vest was an excellent purchase. I had eyed it for some time. When it went on sale with an additional savings I ordered it. Outer fabric is quality nylon. It is not stiff but is sturdy. I ordered a size up to allow room for a fanny pack and also got another 2" in length. Very smart in appearance. The deep side pockets on the chest allow plenty of room to easily reach boarding passes and passports. Large pocket on the back will allow room for a scarf. Well-designed product."
By Noralee Peterson
Brier, WA
January 30, 2019
"The only problem I have is deciding which pocket to use for what! This vest is light, comfortable, well-mad and ideal for my needs!"
January 24, 2019
"Fits well, I like the fabric, not too heavy, not too thin. The pockets seem generous in number, well-sized, and well placed though I have not worn the vest yet for working purposes.. The blue color will go well with denim and my other blue clothes. I particularly liked the pocket that spanned the lower back. One could fill it with something that offered lumbar support. (like a towel) It's just in the right place to accomplish that for my body. It looks durable and should serve well."
By Margaret Canella
Brusly, LA
January 24, 2019
"I have have thoroughly enjoyed using my 100% cotton Travelsmith travel vest for nearly 20 years now. Although my vest is still in perfectly good condition, I decided to splurge and get a new one. My old one is khaki- my new 100% polyester one is a beautiful outdoor blue that is lighter weight, quick drying, offers sun protection, has the same 15 pockets, is a bit more stylish and with my new color will surely be less likely to show dirt. My husband and I both have vests, love them! "
January 18, 2019
"It fits as expected--I did order a size bigger than I would have because I know that I'll be 'stuffing' the pockets when I use on my trip to Australia later this year. It will also be a great hiking vest. If you plan to really 'stuff' it I'd order a size larger. "
December 28, 2018
"Excellent product. This 15 pocket Voyager vest is the best vest EVER. "
December 21, 2018
"Lovely! It's softer than I expected which I like, as well as liking all of the pockets and zippers. SO practical, and stylish. the color is a rich chocolate brown which goes well with other colors (so nice when I'm out at the barn!). I'm 5'5", 115 lbs. and the small is very comfortable. Another one is on my wish list...."
December 15, 2018
"I bought one a few years ago and loved it. I have lost weight now and need a smaller size. Easy company to order from."
November 20, 2018
"I had one of these (similar) YEARS ago, but sadly out-grew it. ;-( I purchased another one from another vendor. Wish I'd remembered TravelSmith first. MUCH better quality and functionality for the money."
By Jane Easterlyq
Galesburg, IL
November 15, 2018
"I had a different experience than many other reviewers. I shop online for XL items all the time, but this XL is much too snug. It barely zips over a t-shirt. It will definitely not fit over more than that. Now I have to pay to return it. :("
November 03, 2018
"As a photographer this is the perfect vest. I love it!"
October 23, 2018
"The vest is just as pictured and is a deep burgundy color. Very nice fabric quality and I like the snap-plus-zipper front closure. Size Large fits perfectly (room to spare if I want to wear a sweater underneath). Love the pockets - great for travel and also for (spectator) sports - no purse needed!"
October 22, 2018
"Excellent product! Has everything the description says it has. Very, very useful to have, not just for travel but even for daily errands. Would buy again. "
October 21, 2018
"Fits perfect just like the blue one I purchased the first of year. You never need to take a purse when wearing this vest. "
October 19, 2018
"Fits perfectly. soft sleek feel. Very happy with the purchase from Travel Smith. Prompt rapid delivery. Works great for my photo gear. Keeps things safe with no need to carry a purse. Love it!!!!"
October 19, 2018
"Well-made. Love the quality of the fabric."
By Diane Dixon
Xenia, OH
October 14, 2018
"Fits great. Nice material. Love all the pockets. Just have to remember where I put stuff. 😁"
By Lacey M
Wichita Falls, TX
October 08, 2018
"I LOVE this!! Perfect weight: very light, breathable, soft blend. It's perfect for (Texas) fall weather. I'm planning to take this on a fall trip through the Middle East. So many pockets -- this will eliminate the need for a larger bag on many occasions! :) I can hold a wallet, phone, lip balm, cash, boarding pass, train tickets, a granola bar, map, even a water bottle in the back pocket, and more! Amazing! "
October 07, 2018
"Seems well-made, but the medium (and mediums almost always fit me) is too large. And it's definitely on the heavy side. I wish Travelsmith would put weight on the product information list. "
October 06, 2018
"I have multiples of this vest and it is great for travel, art fairs and every day life. The pockets are great to carry items and at least one is on the inside of the vest to protect items from pickpockets."
By Sally Guthrie
Knoxville, TN
October 03, 2018
"I have had this vest in beige for a year or so and absolutely love it. I recently ordered it in blue. All of the pockets are wonderful for hiking and traveling."
September 27, 2018
"Look forward to cooler weather to wear this."
September 23, 2018
"I used this to go to Vegas and loved it. The pockets carried everything I needed except a bottle of water. I was able to eliminate a purse and feel much safer with my money. I was afraid of getting hot by wearing another piece of clothing but that was not the case at all. I wish I had one in several colors. "
By Kim Haddock
Hayden Lake, ID
September 22, 2018
"I love it so much, I bought it in three colors! Perfect for travel or just going to the store. I find I don’t need a purse while wearing it, because it has plenty of pockets that are secure. Very well made product!"
September 20, 2018
"I like the vest quite a bit, good fit, etc. But I am not fond of fabric colors that change in different lights. This vest looks dusty blue in one light and dusty purple in another light. Not sure if this is true of all items, or dependent on dye run."
By Bonnie
Hardy, VA
September 13, 2018
"Best thing I ever bought "
By Donna Anderson
West Hollywood, CA
August 29, 2018
"I love everything about it except the two-way zipper - that was not listed and I am not happy with it - I will look to change it or return the item."
August 28, 2018
"Just as order, quality and fit"
August 24, 2018
"Love the vest! I have already worn it!!"
Silverado , CA
August 24, 2018
"After looking on line at maybe 7 vests, I decided on this one, and I am thrilled with it! Exceptional quality, true to size, and so many pockets including those that are unreachable by others with bad intentions."
By Carol
Carson City, NV
August 19, 2018
"Fits perfectly. Very comfortable. Okay color that will go with blues and blacks. Very satisfied."
By Diane Leight
Shrewsbury, PA
August 18, 2018
"Very good quality"
August 16, 2018
"Love the vest. I got the olive. I disagree with person that said it should be longer. It’s perfect length. I also bought another well know brand travel vest and Travelsmiths is much much better. Want to buy another one but waiting for black. Please ha e black or dark grey available again. Thanks"
By Sue
Richmond Hill, GA
August 16, 2018
"Great vest with so many useful pocket! I am taking it to Italy in November. Love the inside pockets to protect my valuables and can go purse free. Will use it to go grocery shopping all winter in our mild climate. Fits great and actually makes me look slimmer! That alone is a plus!!"
August 15, 2018
"Love it! It’s perfect for the travel that I do."
August 14, 2018
"Ughh! Horrible. I believed all of the reviews that talked about how flattering the vest was, how well it fit, etc. This vest is NOT designed for a woman - it's just a cut down version of a man's vest. It looked like a gunny sack on me and I ordered the XS. I am a petite, curvy woman - wear size 2s and 4s. This vest made me look and feel frumpy. Shipping is outrageous. Between the original shipping and the return shipping I'm out $20. "
By JHale
Hollywood, CA
August 06, 2018
"This vest is amazingly light weight, which is perfect for really hot destinations such as Egypt. But, because it is so light weight, stuffing the pockets drags the front side down somewhat. Because of this, I suggest this design improvement - make the back side slightly longer to compensate. I bought the gray one - dusty mauve they call it - a purply grey which matches virtually everything except maybe olive greens. And I echo the 8/2/18 review posted by Donna Buttles - where’s the black!"
August 05, 2018
"This is my second vest & love, love , love. So much room that I do not need to carry a purse. That take pressure off low back problems I have. I will not travel without it. Single most important travel item I have. Now I want the jacket, but the color choices are horrid. "
By Donna Buttles
August 02, 2018
"Awesome vest! The quality is very good. I like that it has many pockets, but very lightweight. I got the charcoal gray, which is very nice; however I would prefer black. It would be nice to offer it in black."
By Beverly Stafford
Fall River Mills, CA
July 19, 2018
"I now have three of these vests; so I must love them. If I could make one change, it would be that it is a couple of inches longer. Virtually all of the pictures of models in vests in various catalogues show the hems of shirts below the vest hem. I don't care for that look, but I'm apparently alone in my thinking."
By Rosemary Morrissey
Newnan, GA
July 05, 2018
"This vest is essential if you wish to make travel easier. The pockets hold what you need securely and safely. When asked, "Where's your purse?" I answer, "I'm wearing it." Could not do without it. Well worth the price. "
June 27, 2018
"I am very happy with this item"
June 24, 2018
"Love the vest. "
June 16, 2018
"Use mine on every single trip. Washes beautifully. Have took it on 7 trips. Great for security, passport, glasses, etc."
By frances fassett
oakland, CA
June 13, 2018
"wonderful vest. comfortable fit. great pockets for security."
May 31, 2018
"Will work as a gardening vest. Holding phone, tools and gloves +."
May 19, 2018
"Haven’t worn it yet. Taking it on a cruise next month!"
May 15, 2018
"This is a great vest. I haven’t laundered it yet so I am reluctant to give it 5 stars - a little worried it will wrinkle. I ordered both the size S and M. I am 5’6”, 130 lbs, and wear a 32G bra. So I am small but busty. The S fit me perfectly - without anything in the pockets. The M was a little big overall, but since I bought this with travel/sightseeing in mind, I settled on the it. I were buying it just for fashion, I’d have chosen the S. "
May 10, 2018
"Slightly small in chest, so I went one size up. Perfect!!"
May 10, 2018
"Excellent product. Love all the pockets"
May 10, 2018
"really like the look and weight of the vest. I am disappointed in the size of the pockets, I have a large iPhone and it only fits easily in two of the pockets and the rest are really only big enough for small items"
May 09, 2018
"I purchased this vest for an upcoming trip to Europe. Liked the idea of not having to carry a purse, having items secure in vest. For me it is "over pocketed". I look for clothes that are light weight for travel, thought the vest was heavy weight wise. The color, stone was nice. Ordered my usual size and was much to big. It is going back, also shipping was rather high. Vest does seem to be well made."
May 09, 2018
"I purchased the charcoal gray a couple of years ago and liked it so much that I purchased the silver gray this spring! The pockets are super--lots of them in various sizes to hold all your stuff."
By Margaret Wiedle
Anchorage, AK
May 07, 2018
"This vest is everything I thought it would be. We travel a lot to Europe and it fits the bill. The quality is great and well worth the price. It took awhile to get here but other than that I love it and ordered two more colors."
May 02, 2018
"Great fit and look- I love the pockets!"
April 29, 2018
"Purchased this vest for an upcoming trip to Europe. When I received it, I was disappointed that it was so heavy weight wise. I travel a lot and am always looking for light weight clothing to pack. Colar, stone, was nice. The 15 pockets while nice are probably more than are needed. Also the sizing was very big. While I felt the vest was well made, I thought it was not worth the price. Also shipping was high. It will be going back."
April 27, 2018
"This is the second Voyager Vest I’ve bought. I love the convenience of all the pockets when I travel. I can carry everything I need in the vest and be hands free. I just got the blue vest and love the color. "
By Lilbloomer
Houston, TX
April 26, 2018
"Looks just like the picture. Vest is quality material and construction and the fit is spot on."
By Dawn Parker
Denver, CO
April 20, 2018
"This vest is everything I hoped it would be. We are going to Africa this summer & I needed something lightweight & durable. I love the fabric, & it has many, many pockets to stow a camera, lenses. smart phone, or anything else you may need for a day trip. I bought the vest in grey, & the color is very nice. I wear a Medium or Large, depending on the manufacturer. I was pleased that the medium that I ordered, is the size I needed. I plan for this vest to take me beyond my Africa trip."
By Dorothy Long
Melbourne, FL
April 17, 2018
April 13, 2018
"Very well made, true to size, haven't used it but looks handy with all the pockets."
April 12, 2018
"Very high quality and functional vest. Will be perfect for travel and I love the blue color. Very satisfied with this purchase."
By eugenia Stevenson
Lakeland, FL
April 12, 2018
"Loved this in coral"
April 12, 2018
"Love the color, the handy pockets and the design."
April 04, 2018
"Love this vest. Got one for my husband and one for myself in charcoal last year for a trip. Loved the pockets, no need for a purse, no need to carry anything including purchases. Came back for a second color. Great looking, very practical."
By Teresa Watson
Chattaroy, WA
March 30, 2018
"I have not had the chance to wear my new vest, but it looks awesome-pockets, snaps, zippers, nice material, good length. I got the Terracotta, a somewhat subdued peach color, in large and it fits true to size. I am excited to wear it this spring. This is my first TravelSmith purchase, I was disappointed with the ship time, ordered on 3/12 and delivered on 3/24 for a cost of $11.99-- a bit excessive."
March 23, 2018
"I purchased this for a trip to Utah's 5 NP. We haven't left yet, but all the pockets should be helpful in elimating my need to carry a purse. It is also attractive enough to use for everyday wear."
By Cheryl
Pittsburgh, PA
March 21, 2018
"Purchased this vest in light gray and I’m very pleased with it. I recently had a double mastectomy and I don’t like the strain a purse puts on my shoulders. This vest helps eliminate the problem by allowing me to carry everything I need without compromise—-even has room for my sketchbook. The fit was true to size."
March 21, 2018
"It fits exactly as I had hoped. I love the pockets and the collar. Looking forward to wearing it as I travel abroad. "
By Claire Steves
San Antonio, TX
March 21, 2018
"I adore the 15 pocket Voyager Vest and I bought two one terracotta (actually peach) & one silver grey. This makes four that I have and don’t have to carry a purse for someone to steal. They are cool, light and can put whatever I need in them. The black plastic fob on the end of the pocket I put a carabiner on it the carry light purchase bags. As many times I wear them I have already paid for them. Great I would buy again if they had lavender or purple."
March 13, 2018
"Exactly what I was looking for. Ordered two more"
By Linda
Wadsworth, OH
March 10, 2018
"I purchased this vest it Khaki in a size 2XL. It was a true fit and I love the neutral color. The many pockets will keep my hands free and organized. Very happy with the quality and lightweight fabric. "
By Karen
Fort Worth , TX
March 08, 2018
"I bought this vest for a trip to Europe. However I find myself wearing it to walk the dog and to run errands without a purse. It is a useful piece that looks nice. "
March 07, 2018
"I wore my vest last weekend for a flight to Florida and it worked great. I put my drivers license, boarding pass with itinerary, my cell phone, and a few dollar bills in a couple of the pockets, It was so good to have everything handy and not have to dig through a carry-on for these items. Am going to order another one in a different color. The fabric is excellent, also!"
February 27, 2018
"I love my vest, before I check other places, I am glad I decide for the voyager vest is a winner, I will buy another later on."
February 23, 2018
"Nice color, fit and styling."
February 19, 2018
"Nicely designed. Practical for travel with many pockets. Color is attractive and subtle. It is true to its description in the catalog."
By Luci
Laguna Beach, CA
February 11, 2018
"This is the fourth Voyager vest that I have purchased from TravelSmith, and I love all four (in light blue, darker blue, cranberry red, and now gray). The vest is beautifully made, and its fifteen pockets are useful for carrying all kinds of things without being loaded down. While it is a casual vest, it adds a touch of dress-up good looks to whatever else I am wearing. I shall continue to watch for other colors that I might want to add to my wardrobe."
February 10, 2018
"I love this vest! It is perfect for traveling within the country and overseas. The pockets are secure and the jacket is well made."
By Cara Rea
Destin, FL
February 03, 2018
"I love this vest, but 15 pockets is a a bit overkill at times when I have to sort through various pockets to find something. That said, it’s been wonderful for me to be able to carry my extra camera lenses & supplies without lugging around a bag or purse when traveling. Add a scarf and it looks quite nice.. I wish TravelSmith would make this same vest in a “lite” or dressier version. with maybe 6-8 pockets. None of their other vests look as nice as this one."
February 01, 2018
"Love the red color, fits well and is well made. I use it to walk the dogs and need secure pockets for keys, eye glasses, extra leash, poop bags, phone and dog treats. This vest provides and it looks good too. Practicality and fashion, what more can you ask?"
January 27, 2018
"Just what Iwas looking for"
January 23, 2018
"I love this vest. I ordered it based on the SIZE CHART from the web site. I could have gotten a size smaller, but I love it anyway. It's perfect. I highly recommend this vest if you're traveling or hiking and need extra pockets inside and out. "
By Karen
New Holland, PA
January 23, 2018
"I bought this vest to travel to Wyoming in July of 2017 with our 10 yr old grandson to go to Yellowstone National Park and the next week to dig for dinosaurs in Thermopolis. I wore on the plane to Italy in October packed with all I needed for a long plane trip packed in the pockets. It was great for touring Venice, Rome and Florence. "
By barbara jockers
January 22, 2018
"love theses vests! I need 3 more, one in navy, one in denim and one in dark chocolate."
January 20, 2018
"Wow, this is such a lovely vest. It looks like it is of a stiff material, but it is really wonderfully soft and light, and drapes nicely. And it has hand-warming pockets on the sides (great!)! BTW, the zipper for the large pocket that goes across the back is underneath the little flap."
By Sue Malone
Grants Pass, OR
January 18, 2018
"Thrilled with this vest. Big enough across the chest to close but not sloppy. Lovely fit, lots of pockets, lightweight but very well made. I have yet to try it out with all my "stuff" in the pockets weighing it down, but that will come later. In the mean time, it's a big hit! I love it"
January 14, 2018
"Love it for travelling, great colour. "
By Allison Ricketts
Alexandria, VA
December 29, 2017
"I bought this while in a cast and on crutches to hold everything I usually carry in a purse. It accomplished this goal and I have been satisfied with the quality of the product. As one other review mentioned, it pulls around the back of the neck when fully loaded, which is uncomfortable. It also attracts hair which sticks to it quite persistently. A medium would have fit but I am glad I bought the large since it was difficult to close after loaded up with all my paraphernalia."
By Ginny
Redwood City, CA
December 28, 2017
"Oh how I love this vest! I'll be wearing it in Ireland this spring, and it'll be perfect since I won't have to lug a purse around. I use it now over a fleece in the chilly San Francisco Bay weather, and there's plenty of room for everything. In got the khaki color in a size large - it's perfect! I probably could have ordered it in a medium but the large will be great once I get everything organized and fill some of those pockets. This will be ideal for getting through TSA. Kudos!"
By Laure
Oklahoma City, OK
December 27, 2017
"Fit great. 2-way zipper is the reason for ordering. Only "con" is that the chest pockets are not deep enough for glasses."
December 15, 2017
"I now have 3 of these vests in different colors. I highly recommend it. Makes travel and hiking much easier and safer without having to carry a purse or day pack.. Gets you thru TSA faster too. "
By Jan
Taos, NM
December 09, 2017
"Love this - both fit and pockets. I did not like the Dark Khaki color (only option when I ordered a few weeks ago). Now the Stone is back and I've exchanged the Dark Khaki for that."
By alene & richard roth
Hollywood, FL
December 06, 2017
"My wife loves the vest. The fit is perfect and she at long lasts has useable pockets. She ordered 2 more. I own 4 and wear them all the time. Here in S.FL they are perfect for 12 month use. Favor, please make one in BLACK. BLACK is a very usale "color"."
November 21, 2017
"Perfect. Exactly what I needed, excellent quality and style "
By Michele
Plymouth, CA
November 15, 2017
"Overall, this is an awesome travel vest. Lots of pockets, including a huge one across the back for books or other larger items. Some of the pockets Velcro close, some zip, and some are not secured. There is a zip pocket over the chest (hidden) that is large enough for an IPad Mini. It zips and snaps, which is nice too. Sizing is a bit large - I normally wear a 6 or Small in most things, and the XS was plenty roomy. I bought one for my Mom who is more of an 8, and the small fit her great."
November 04, 2017
"Very light weight, comfortable and good looking travel vest. Fits true to size."
November 02, 2017
"I bought this vest for myself and my 21-year old niece for our Australian trip next year. Lots of pockets, lots of uses for this vest. It helps that it's light weight, too. I also love the two-say zipper as I find it useful to unzip when sitting down. I am very pleased with the quality and recommend it."
October 31, 2017
"Love this vest! Traveling to Europe, my hope was on some excursions I'd need no purse.. I still carried one for bulky items (hat, etc) - but valuables such as passport, etc.,were put inside the vest. Tried to get my husband to buy one before we left, but he insisted he already had a safe place for everything. Then, while on a train in Italy - a man tried to pick his pocket. Since his pocket buttoned the man was unable to get the wallet fast enough. Now my husband wants one of these too!"
October 28, 2017
"It’s a great travel companion. I bought one for my husband for a Canada/New England trip and he loved it. A pocket for everything,leaving you free to ditch the backpack. I weigh 125 lbs and the small was perfect. It may be a little shorter than women who like a longer vest. This one hits at the pelvis bone. Great material for easy wash and wear. Doesn’t look dirty even after two weeks of travel. We both purchased the light beige color. It’s very neutral. Love it!"
October 25, 2017
"comfortable and very functional. The weight is good for warmer climates. Love all the pockets. "
October 20, 2017
"Great for travel."
October 03, 2017
"Liked the material. Loved the fit. Casual but still looks really nice. "
September 29, 2017
"I love the travel vest! Now my husband wants one!"
September 20, 2017
"Fabulous vest! I got this specfically for birding activity so that I don't have to wear a day pack with my valuables. Lots of pockets, fabric is really quality! The size 26-28 is roomy for plus size woman my size, I could even snap all the snaps with room left over for wearing a sweater underneath. Well worth the price!"
By Luci
Laguna Beach, CA
September 10, 2017
"This is the third 15-pocket vest that I have bought, so you may assume that I definitely like this item. I have it in light blue (my favorite of the three), a darker blue, and now red, and I would welcome the availability of other interesting colors. It is beautifully made, it is comfortable to wear, the numerous pockets are useful, and it draws compliments from almost everyone who notices it. The only addition that I could wish for is a tab closure across the waist. "
September 05, 2017
"Love the v st. Have one in khaki and bought another! Comfortable all the pockets."
August 24, 2017
"just what I wanted. good color, many pockets, good fit. It is light and the sizing is roomy so I can put a sweater under it if I want. I plan to use it on the airplane so I can keep my important things on me. Haven't used it yet, so I gave it 4 stars, but looking forward to wearing it."
By Linda Knight
Wylie, TX
August 20, 2017
"This is an absolutely wonderful travel vest. It is stylish and very functional. I look forward to wearing it every day during my upcoming trip."
August 15, 2017
"I have two other vests like this one and they are great! Wonderful for travel with all of the pockets and good comfortable fit."
August 05, 2017
By Victoria Badalamenti
Brooklyn,, NY
August 02, 2017
"Haven't used the vest yet, but I think it's going to come in handy on my Africa trip."
July 25, 2017
"Excellent vest -- great fit!"
By Jackie Case
Waynesville, NC
July 21, 2017
"This vest is really nice!! It fits well and the pocket structure will be very helpful when I travel. There are times I just don't want to use a purse or backpack and this vest will let me carry just what I need safely! "
By Claire
Williamsburg VA, VA
July 19, 2017
"Perfect for walking the dogs. Lightweight with plenty of pockets for my phone, treats, clean up bags and keys. "
July 15, 2017
"Liked everything about the vest except the shoulders were too wide--have to send it bac.k"
June 18, 2017
"Light weight and full of secure pockets as advertised. Color is not too bold, more muted than photo indicates. Should make it more versatile."
June 14, 2017
"Bought this for my wife for a trip she is now on. She loves it. Lots of pockets. Fits well. "
June 10, 2017
"Ordered this for 2 trips. I love it! I plan to wear it on the plane with all pockets full. At least as of today I don't get weighed! Thanks Travel Smith. "
June 07, 2017
"Beautifully designed, pockets galore, comfortable, smart looking. purchased two."
May 16, 2017
"Fits well. Enough pockets for everything. Like the 2 way zipper. "
By Ann
Corrales, NM
May 15, 2017
"Ordered the beige in size S -- good fit. Fabric looks easy-care and durable. Has lots of pockets so I can go purse-less."
May 14, 2017
"Permit fit and fabric weight. Shops several name brands and store. This was the only one to carry a lightweight vest with multiple pockets. Perfect for shopping trips and outdoor adventures"
May 14, 2017
"Wonderful light fabric - great to wear over a variety of tops. Pockets galore....can't wait to take it on my next trip - hiking in the Grand Tetons! "
By Bonnie
Lebanon, OR
May 11, 2017
"This was more light weight than expected, which I was happy about. It's well made, I would have preferred more zippered closures that Velcro tabs, but that's me. I wear a size 14 and I can just zip this closed and be comfortable as long as I wear a light weight shirt below. The pockets are big enough for most of my items including my phone. I washed it immediately after my first wear and it had very little shrinkage, if any."
May 11, 2017
"LOVE the vest!!! Great fit. More pockets than I will ever need!"
May 09, 2017
"I orderd for me, one for my sister. We are both extremely satisfied."
April 28, 2017
"I love this vest and will work well for my road trip to national parks this year. However, I ordered the port red and it was a darker red than shown on the site. It is more of a very, very dark maroon and the color is not flattering for me. I am exchanging it for one of the neutral colors. Still, for the purpose of holding gear so you can have your hands free, I don't think you can find a better option."
April 26, 2017
"Perfect! Lots of pockets and it washed well. Great quality, I'll get additional colors soon. "
April 21, 2017
"The travel vest is perfect. I love all the pockets, color, fabric, and the size fits perfectly."
April 19, 2017
"Love this vest! Lots of pockets making it easy to carry essentials without looking bulky. Nice and roomy, too. "
April 04, 2017
"Very good quality, but runs small. Ordered Medium (my "normal" size) but as others have commented, this item runs small. I'm returning it (exchanging, I hope) for a large. I plan to use this while traveling in Europe and hope to NOT need a purse for the essentials. "
March 12, 2017
"I have used this vest for about 6 months & really do love all the pockets -- it is great to travel without a purse! However, there is something about the cut of the vest where, with just my wallet, cash, & my phone in the front chest pockets, the vest pulls at the back of my neck & gives me a vague head/neck ache. It is *slightly* better if the vest is zipped all the way, but that will be too hot come summertime. "
February 14, 2017
"The vest took weeks to arrive. It fit well but the color isn't true to what I see in the ad/. The Lake Shore Blue is much lighter than it looks in the ad. I'm exchanging for a deeper color. Quality of vest is fine, fit is OK but color is off."
By Anonymous
December 09, 2016
"These vests are terrific. Not only do they look nice and finish an outfit but also very handy for those of us who prefer not to carry a purse. Have had many compliments.- I recommend this product."
By dholt7134
December 01, 2016
"Reluctant to Buy $$$ - I was very pleased with this vest!! It was worth the money spent !!! I love the fabric and it's very well made. I may not ever carry a purse again.... My shoulder will thank me.- I recommend this product."
By phyllisgdavis
Colorado Springs, Colorado
November 19, 2016
"Fantastic vest - This is the best vest I have ever had. It fits perfectly and I wore it and got so many compliments! I love all of the many that it will be fun trying to fill them. I'm off to Spain next month and I will probably be wearing it daily! Highly rec- I recommend this product."
By w4rru
October 26, 2016
"Love the Pockets - I plan to wear this vest for hiking and will use the pockets for cellphone, camera, and other small essentials. I haven't had the opportunity to use it yet, but it looks promising.- I recommend this product."
By Anonymous
Madison, WI
September 06, 2016
"Very useful - This vest is lightweight and very functional. I know I will put all the pockets to good use. It is stylish as well!- I recommend this product."
By Anonymous
SF Bay Area
August 29, 2016
"Best travel vest I've found! - Love the red brick somewhat terra cotta color. Besides having a great variety of pockets inside and out, I liked the fact that the front pockets not only have secured flap and zippered pockets but also a side pocket on each side to easily slip your hands- I recommend this product."
By Anonymous
August 16, 2016
"love it! - fits perfectly, has lots of pockets, lightweight, will travel well- I recommend this product."
By audreykmason
August 15, 2016
"Perfect Pockets - Perfect for our Alaska trip. Pockets will hold our "stuff" so we won't have to lug purses or bags.- I recommend this product."
By Anonymous
Monterey, Ca
August 14, 2016
"Very practical travel vest - Lots of pockets, will not need a small purse. Lots of zippered pockets for security- I recommend this product."
By Anonymous
July 26, 2016
"Love all the pockets!! It's light weight and very well made.- I recommend this product."
By jacyn.meyer
Westminster, CO
July 23, 2016
"Won't travel without it - I purchased this item for an African safari my husband and I went on in June and found the pockets allowed me to carry my passport, credit cards, camera, etc. conveniently and safely. My husband was so impressed that we ordered one for him when we returne- I recommend this product."
By sandyestratton
Coastal Florida
July 07, 2016
"Safari purchase - I was pleasantly surprised at the quality & light weight of this vest. I bought a large & there is still room for a heavy sweater underneath is the reason I said it runs larger than expected.- I recommend this product."
By Anonymous
Meridian, Idaho
June 27, 2016
"Very Good purchase - A friend told me about this vest. It allows me to be purse-free and it looks great! Pockets are Great! Fabric Verra nice!!! And it's Comfey. I bought four. First time TravelSmith purchaser.- I recommend this product."
By judyskate
June 19, 2016
"Nice vest - I have not yet worn this vest but it fits well. I am between sizes. I wear 16 or 14 and a vest in large fits well. I am thinking of getting another one of these vests in a different color.- I recommend this product."
By Anonymous
San Diego, CA
June 19, 2016
"Love It! - I ordered the vest and the first one came in too small. Re-ordered a size larger, and it is PERFECT. It is so well made- lots of pockets, zippers, adjustments, and the zipper goes top up, and bottom down! It's great!- I recommend this product."
By Anonymous
Santa Cruz, CA
June 19, 2016
"Lots of Great Pockeets - Wow, I love this vest. It has lots of great pockets, places to keep things handy and places to hide other stuff. The fabric is a fine quality, and the style is nicely cut. This vest will be great for traveling, for hiking, and for even using around the ho- I recommend this product."
By kjej269
San Francisco
June 14, 2016
"EXCELLENT - This is a great vest! I now have three. I have looked at many vests from other on line stores and this vest out ranks them in every category. The quality, style and price are what make this vest the very best.- I recommend this product."
By Anonymous
June 10, 2016
"LOVE this vest - I have been searching for a lightweight vest with pockets for hiking and photography--all others have been HUGE and unflattering; this is a wonderful vest, very functional and looks great also. I am 5'5 108 lbs and got XS which is perfect. Tried the other- I recommend this product."
By Anonymous
June 03, 2016
"Excellent Vest - The vest is well made and well designed and fits very nicely. I lead bird walks and am a naturalist and it is perfect for my adventures. It's stylish enough to wear for weekend shopping. I'm amazed at the amount of pockets. It's lightweight but not flimsy- I recommend this product."
By Rainna6
May 23, 2016
"Great purchase - I love this vest so much, I got it in 4 colors. It is great for travel with all of the pockets. Also, great for everyday use.- I recommend this product."
By Anonymous
Encinitas, CA
May 19, 2016
"Wish it were a little longer - I haven't worn this on a trip yet, but will be doing so shortly. I ordered both a small and medium and will go with the small. I'm 5'7" and usually wear a size 8 in dresses and pants. I do have a long torso, so I wish the length was a little longer, but i- I recommend this product."
By Anonymous
Salt Lake City, Ut
May 14, 2016
"so helpful in traveling, order up one size - I know why the model has it unzipped. It fits nicely in the shoulders...tight in the hips. Add stuff to the inside pocket and there's no room. I want it to be fully functional...meaning I can zip it if I exchanged and am much happier.- I recommend this product."
By dianemarkman
Rehoboth Beach, DE
May 13, 2016
"Just perfect for traveling! - The Voyager vest is exactly what I wanted for Photography outings as well as for travel!- I recommend this product."
By mari.berman
NY suburbs
May 12, 2016
"Nice looking, practical vest - I ordered this in charcoal because I didn't want it to look like "safari" clothing - if I ever get to do that, I'll buy this in Stone. I am full busted -36DD - so I ordered the Large, and the fit is very good - just loose enough to be able to wear a sweat- I recommend this product."
By sgblack
Myrtle Creek, Oregon
May 09, 2016
"Everyone should have one. - received very quickly and vest met all the criteria described. Have not worn the vest as of yet, but in trying it on the was pleased with the fit- which I determined by the "True Fit" guidelines on the web site. The number of pockets is absolutely to die- I recommend this product."
By clairesteves
May 09, 2016
"It is so great I have 2 charcoal & red. - Women's 15-Pocket Voyager Vest is great and my friend order 1 for her trip so she would not carry a purse in the Holy Land. She knew how much I loved mine and wore them all the time so I would not have to carry a purse. They are light airy and wick moistu- I recommend this product."
By janmcneill
May 01, 2016
"Yes, it "fits" but not with pockets filled... - I bought this according to the "fitting app" that they have. I wear 40C bra, L in Lands End...and the app said the L in this vest would be fine and the XL would be way to large. NOT! Yes, it fits nicely if you don't put anything in the pockets, but once y- I recommend this product."
By Anonymous
April 24, 2016
"Critical casual travel attire - My vests have traveled to every continent but one. As much as I appreciate this vest, the item needs additional color choices. A "true" black and a dark brown (espresso/coffee color) option would be valuable additions, as would gold or brass-tone metal.- I recommend this product."
By Anonymous
Colorado Springs, CO
April 22, 2016
"Great vest - for travel. If anything was to change in the making of the vest, it would be larger pockets, but great for cameras, etc.The higher neck and "buttons" over the zipper will be GREAT in all kinds of weather. Light weight and washable. What a great combinat- I recommend this product."
Richmond, Ca.
April 21, 2016
"nice sturdy vest - I bought this vest to take on a trip where my ScotteVest jacket may be too warm. It seems to be well made and the medium fits my petite size 10 body perfectly. It does feel heavier than I thought it would, probably because of all the pockets in the fron- I recommend this product."
By lldunn04
Tavares, FL
April 14, 2016
"Perfect for Overseas Travel - I wish I had purchased this vest last year before a month's trip to Australia and New Zealand. Was constantly checking for passport and money. Now both will be easily carried safely in inside mesh pockets. So many pockets to fill both inside and outside.- I recommend this product."
By Anonymous
Rockaway, NJ
April 11, 2016
"Love it but sizes run small. - Use this vest for work. I'm a visiting nurse and need pockets! It's a little slim over the hips especially that I layer up in the winter months. Sizing up isn't an option until they add more plus sizes.- I recommend this product."
By faythem1686
March 24, 2016
"I purchased this when on sale, so it was a great bargain. Love the fabric and fit. I wore it to Israel and many times couldn't take my purse, so I had enough pockets for what I needed. My favorite pocket was the large hidden one which held our 3 Passports- I recommend this product."
By stefschamess
March 06, 2016
"Well made, comfortable and practical - I own three of these vests, each in a different color. I use them when traveling -- the pockets are great for stashing cell phone, passport, change, tickets, etc. But I also wear them around the house with pants and a long sleeve tee shirt, for a little e- I recommend this product."
By bearart1
February 24, 2016
"Too heavy - The material in this vest is too heavy. It is like wearing an outdoor vest even when it is empty. I feel that I would be overheated while wearing this vest on the long walks from gate to gate in the airports. It does have a lot of pockets but one of the iI would not recommend this product."
By jfitzgerald26
St louis
February 18, 2016
"Vest of many pockets - Looked great in the catalog. Thought it would be very practical and leave me hands free when hiking. But if I used all the pockets, it would be 'over stuffed'. Also, I would still need a bag of some type to hold a water bottle. So the idea of being hands- I recommend this product."
By Ntarnuzzer
February 12, 2016
"Great alternative to a handbag - Well made, it is great for birding, photography and painting plein air--- all those times when you want your hands free and there is no safe place to park a purse. There is even a very large compartment in the back, which is sometimes called a bird bag. P- I recommend this product."
By Anonymous
New York state
February 10, 2016